Apartment Beginnings…

I thought you might enjoy seeing a few pictures of our apartment in Hannover. Obviously, it is nowhere near finished. 🙂 But, this is what it looks like in it’s current state. We are adding more to it each day, and it should be a fun adventure to watch unfold.

Ready to begin?

Come on in….

This is our hallway. Note our very swanky cardboard shoe mat…

Here is another picture of the hallway, taken from the other end, looking towards the front door:

Right now we are camped out on an air mattress (best 30 Euros spent so far!) in what will eventually be our dining room. I taped some pictures around the window of friends and family to help it feel a little more like “home”. Although it sort of makes me feel like I’m living in a college dorm room again. 🙂 Note our fun little alarm clock, an IKEA purchase:

Here is the second half of the same room (it will eventually be our family room). Right now there is a little reading area with an IKEA chair…

An IKEA table and bench (chairs are still being put together)…

And an IKEA buffet table (which we are currently using as our “kitchen” – you’ll see why in a moment). Notice a trend here? IKEA, IKEA, IKEA!!!

Thank goodness for our three lamps, because right now all of our ceilings look like this:

Our real kitchen has the farthest to go still…

Yep. Right now it’s just a room with hook-ups. We are in the process of ordering our cabinets, and appliances, which will hopefully be coming soon.

The room that will eventually become our bedroom is the most empty right now, as all of our bedroom furniture is still on a ship somewhere between California and Germany. For now, it has become Maxwell’s room as he enjoys running around and chasing his ball there.

Our creative space / office room has been affectionately nicknamed “the Warehouse” for the time being, as it currently stores all off our IKEA boxes…

Our guest room also has a nicknamed: “the work room”, as it it where Drew slaves away at night putting together IKEA furniture…

So… what do you think? Empty right? Well… I warned you! 🙂

Stay tuned and join me in the journey of making our apartment in Hannover our “home”. It should be a wild ride…

3 Responses to “Apartment Beginnings…”

  1. Shauna writes:

    It looks like a great space! I love the pictures and hope IKEA comes through for you soon!

  2. Lowell writes:

    I LOVE it! IT looks really clean and is probably more uncluttered than it will be for the rest of your stay there. Great potential and a great start!

  3. Aunt Theresa writes:

    I am so glad you are making your move “an adventure.” Its really the best way to celebrate life. Your apartment looks pretty spacious and well lit (windows). It will be fun watching it “transform”! Love you two (three!)

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