Misadventures at Ikea, Part 2

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After our embarrassing checkout counter experience at IKEA on Monday, we were determined that on our next trip to IKEA things would go better. And they did… almost. Read on…

As we discovered that our only option for paying for our IKEA goods was to pay in cash, we started pulling out money from our bank account at the ATM as soon as we returned Monday night.  We knew that banks in the US set a limit on how much cash you can withdraw at an ATM that is located outside of your home country, and it wasn’t that much. Lucky for us, we were able to use both of our ATM cards for our joint account separately, so essentially we had double the normal daily limit. After three days of pulling out money we finally had enough cold, hard cash to get the job done. We loaded up our money belts, prayed that no one would mug us, and headed back to IKEA.

The third time was bound to be the charm, right?

We hoped so.

Things got off to a great start. We had decided beforehand that this time we were going to pay for “einkaufenservice”, or “shopping service”. This is where you create a list of all the items you wish to purchase and then someone at IKEA goes and pulls everything off the shelves for you. If was only an extra 25 Euros on top of the transportation charges, and we thought it would be well worth it, seeing as we had already spent one full day pulling boxes off shelves.

With minimal difficultly (let’s face it- there is ALWAYS some kind of challenge with the language barrier) we created our list on the IKEA computers, and set everything up to be pulled and delivered. Everything was in stock and they could even deliver it that same evening! Amazing! When we left we literally skipped out of the store, our hearts fluttering as we imagined how wonderful it would be to sleep on a real mattress that evening.

DHL (IKEA’s transport service) arrived around 8:15 that evening. We were their last stop for the day. There were 2 men and 1 lady there to carry all of our stuff up the 84 steps to our apartment. They didn’t seem thrilled that we lived on the 4th (5th American) floor, but when we asked if they would like us to help they assured us that we paid for this service so we didn’t need to help. Cool beans. I watched the boxes being carried in, slowly filling up one of our rooms- which we have since nicknamed the ‘warehouse”-, and a huge smile appeared on my face. Yippppeeee!!!!

And then things went sour. Again.

The lady delivery person told us that they were done unloading boxes. Ok, but where were all of our larger items? They had yet to unload our bed, mattress, sleeper sofa, and two large chairs. Where were those items? We told the lady that there were items missing and she told us that the truck was empty. We showed her the receipt and pointed out the things that were not delivered and started to check off the things that had been delivered. She then started yelling, and I really mean yelling, at us in German. She was the first person that has been seriously rude and mean to us in Germany and we were stunned. We couldn’t understand anything she was saying but caught a few phrases about her not being IKEA, it being late at night, and the truck being empty. We asked and pleaded with the delivery people to let us call IKEA on their phone so we could sort this out and one of the men, who was showing some compassion for us, said it would be ok and led Drew down to the truck to do so. But, when he got down there, the lady stepped back in again and told Drew they didn’t have a phone and that they needed to leave. And then they left.

And that was that.

It was a long night.

So now we had a room full of IKEA boxes and still none of the larger items we had hoped for, paid for, and expected to be delivered this past Wednesday. Drew’s secretary has been kind enough to step in and help out. She assured us that the DHL experience was not appropriate (they should have waited and checked things off themselves), and has called IKEA in efforts to sort everything out. Right now it looks like we will eventually get our stuff, but unfortunately the IKEA service center has told us that everything we are missing is currently out of stock and that it will take another 3-4 weeks until it can be delivered. (Not sure how this is accurate since the store confirmed everything was in stock when we purchased it, but that’s beside the point).

So now we wait.

Wait.com as my Dad would put it.

Lord, give us patience and strength.

2 Responses to “Misadventures at Ikea, Part 2”

  1. Zena writes:

    Oh My Gosh!!!! I so feel for you guys and can feel frustration rising inside of me! To keep this positive, I’m glad that Drew’s secretary is helping you and that you at least received some of your stuff. Stay strong. ~Zena

  2. Emily writes:

    Oh, that’s horrible. I’m sooo sorry. Glad your husband’s secretary is helping, yes (get her some flowers at some point :). I promise you, rudeness like that is not normal! Directness, yes, but that’s over the top. It’s going to get better soon!

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