Attention IKEA Shoppers….

Attention IKEA shoppers…. Keep your eyes open for a 23-pound miniature shopper sporting a pink bow and overalls. She’s serious, she’s fast and she’s on a mission! The Little Miss of BlueCakesBlog is on the loose!

Our very serious little shopper

Considering the amount of time (and sometimes agony!) we have spent with IKEA since we first arrived in Hannover- it’s even been called our “second home in Germany”-  it seemed only natural that our darling daughter would someday learn to love the big blue and yellow retailer. Well my friends, that day has come.It wasn’t her first visit, oh no sir (perhaps it was her 3rd? or 4th?), but it was the first visit where she was old enough to walk around on her own.

She loved the kiddy section of the store and took it upon herself to test out each and every toy they offer. She also helped us pick out her new table and chairs set (apparently for 15-month olds high chairs are “so last month”, and all the “cool kids” sit at tables… at least that’s what Moriah seems to think as she has recently refused her highchair at mealtimes.)

Best of all though, was our visit to the cafeteria where, after a healthy lunch, Moriah got to indulge in a bite of Daddy’s chocolate Mousse. Her first taste of chocolate. I’d say she liked it.

So excited to be trying chocolate


And so it’s true, IKEA has roped in another member of the BlueCakes household.

4 Responses to “Attention IKEA Shoppers….”

  1. Erin Hunt writes:

    I’ll never forget the first time Sophie had chocolate…she started slamming her hand on the table and laughing uncontrollably. LOL. You hope they’re okay 🙂 Hope you don’t mind me posting on like, everything you have written…

  2. Blue Cakes Blogger writes:

    I love comments from you Erin! 🙂

  3. Alex writes:

    Glad to see/read you are back in Hannover. I hope you had a great trip home. It would be great to meet up with you again just to chat. Only 2 months left for me!

  4. Lowell writes:

    I have NO idea why she likes chocolate! Where did THATcome from?? Who’d a thought?

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