BlueCakes Review: NapCabs, Munich Airport

We were all tired and a bit cranky as we disembarked from our international flight back to Germany. Sure, things were about as uneventful as we could have hoped, traveling with a 14-month old and an in-cabin dog, but the 9-hour flight (and the 7 week trip that preceded it) was still exhausting- physically and mentally draining. As we strapped the baby into her carrier, made sure our dog was comfortable in his travel bag, and began to haul our carry-on bags and winter coats through the airport we hoped for a miracle. “Please, Lord, let us get on an earlier flight back to Hannover”, we thought. But there was no such flight available to us. And so we looked around for something to do, anything to help pass the 3.5 hour lay-over. And then, staring right at us in the middle of the terminal, there it was. It was the perfect option.


Small, modular rooms complete with a bed, desk, free wi-fi and a computer with alarm clock that keeps track of your upcoming flights and alerts you to delays / gate changes, etc., located in the middle of the international terminal in the Munich airport. There was a 2-hour time minimum, or 30 Euro minimum charge to use them. It seemed a bit step, but also seemed so worth it. What else were we going to do with a toddler, dog and a bunch of bags?

And so we chose to have an adventure and checked in. Thankfully our daughter agreed to nap with us.

2 hours later we exited, all of us having benefited from a good nap and our dog very thankful to have had a break from his travel bag for a bit.  We were all just that much more refreshed and ready for the next leg of travel. And it was perfect timing to get to our next gate just before boarding.

Needless to say, if you get a chance to use them, I highly recommend NapCabs. They are clean, comfortable and can be a huge blessing to travelers like us. The only small complaint I have from our experience was that they aren’t 100% soundproof from the terminal outside- thus, if you are a very light sleeper, it could be a problem.

You can learn more about NapCabs here and even watch a video of them here (on a funny note- the NabCab in the video is actually the same one we stayed in!).

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  1. cec writes:

    haha, how cute! sounds like just the thing to break up a loooong trip

  2. Nicola writes:

    Lisa! Thank you so much for your great post! We were so happy to find your article about napcabs and are glad that we could make your trip a little more relaxing! Let us know when you travel through Munich again, so that we can arrange another stay for you. And this time your stay is on us 🙂 Take care and safe travels. Best regards, your napcabs team at Munich Airport – Nicola

  3. Blue Cakes Blogger writes:

    Hi Nicola! Never thought I’d hear back from someone who works for napcabs when I wrote this post- so funny. Thanks so much! ~Lisa

  4. Hindrek writes:

    Had an overnight flight via Munich some days ago (March 07/08). The airport was exceptionally noisy in the middle of dead night (the cleaning staff shouting and screaming, their machinery making noise, etc) so I could not sleep on the bench and decided to take some hrs (altogether approx 3,5 hrs) off in one of the napcabs. Although, as it turned out, this was a big mistake.

    Checked in and out as appropriate, entered my data for invoice, and the latter arrived correctly to my e-mail. The total sum on the bill was 34.50 euros.

    During some next 1…2 days the prebooking amount 100 euros was steadily booked at my credit account. I thought / hoped that this is temporary and will be released sooner or later. However, right now, visiting my internet bank, discovered that eventually the whole 100 euros had debited (yes, debited – not just pre-booked anymore) from my credit account. Despite the fact that the actual bill, as said, was ‘only’ 34.50.

    Don’t know (and care) whether this is any kind of mistake / technical failure, or intentional robbery – doesn’t really matter for me, both options are absolutely reprehensible and unacceptable. Right now, just in case WARNING all possible future prospects from using these napcabs – you may eventually pay several times (in my case almost 3 times) more than you were supposed to. So think twice (or more) whether it’s really worth visiting it (and taking a risk – perhaps charged correctly, perhaps incorrectly) or not.

    Already tomorrow (i.e. immediately) start to investigate what are the available proceedings (on EU level, if necessary) for me to get my unjustly charged money back. Hopefully there is still some chance…

    Deeply concerned and disappointed – Hindrek (from Tallinn, Estonia)

  5. Blue Cakes Blogger writes:

    Hi Hindrek-
    Thanks for stopping by my blog!
    I can tell you are pretty upset- I suggest you contact NapCabs directly to express your concerns!
    For the record, I am not associated with napcabs in any way- Although you can see that I did receive a thank you comment from someone at NapCabs, it was unexpected and my review on my blog was completely unsolicited by them.
    Best wishes,

  6. Nicola writes:

    Dear Lisa, sorry for this complaint email that Hindrek left here on YOUR blog!! We are already in email contact with him for the last couple of days… To us this is more of a huge misunderstanding and we are solving it right now…
    Again we would like to apologize that this is now placed on your blog aswell…
    Best regards from Munich and take care, napcabs – Nicola

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