Random Fact: That by the same name is not the same.

In preparation for our grand trip back to the good ol’ US of A I did a bit of online shopping.

Ok, maybe I did more than a little.

Ok, alright I bombarded my in-laws with boxes upon boxes from all the internet orders of personal goodies I shipped to their home in Wisconsin. But before you judge me as a shop-a-holic, I must state my case: I like to be prepared. And plus, you can only carry so much in suitcases, and when traveling with a dog and a toddler, you need a lot of stuff. So, dog food, potty pads, treats, diapers, wipes, and a bunch of Christmas presents all came by way of delivery service.  (On a side note, I will add that I highly recommend this method to any travelers out there with toddlers and dogs- it made our life much easier, but I’ll talk more about that in another post).

As mentioned above, one of the items we pre-ordered was a box of diapers. Pampers, actually. As we purchase Pampers for our gal in Germany, and have been very happy with them, we figured it would be easiest to keep her in the same brand she was used to.  We didn’t really think anything of it. That is, until the first morning after we arrived when we realized our little lady had soaked through her pjs and sleeping sack because her diaper leaked. When it happened a second and third time we got suspicious.

This had never, not once, happened to us before.

And then it dawned on it- we were using the US Pampers. We got out our detective glasses and investigated further… sure enough the US Pampers were much thinner and much less absorbent in materials than the German version of the very same diaper.  In fact, when we looked even closer, we noticed a bunch of differences. Allow me to compare:

Box Design:

German Pampers Box


US Pampers Box

The two boxes look similar; in fact they appear to be the exact same product. They even have the same picture on the box and both claim to allow up to 12 hours of overnight dryness.

Price: Pampers USA: $47.19 for a box of 192 (on amazon.com) =$0.25 per diaper. Pampers Germany: I just bought a box of 104 diapers for 22.99 Euros or $30.27 = $0.29 per diaper.

Size- Note that the German Pampers “size 4” allow for a range of 15-40lbs (7-18kg), while the US ones, also “size 4” have the range of 22-37lbs (10-17kg).

Quality- I actually found the German pampers to be far superior to the US ones when it came to quality. Not only were they more absorbent, but they also just seemed to be of better quality- a little thicker, but not too thick or bulky, more durable, greater flexibility.

Production: According to their website, US Pampers are made in the USA (thumbs up!). German Pampers are made in Germany. I’m guessing that this is the reason that there is such a different in quality. German safety standards are different than US safety standards. (Remember the car seat post?) So, I’m guessing that different materials are allowed in the production of diapers based on the standards of that country. Unfortunately, in the case of Pampers in the US, this results in a less desirable product.

And, while we are on the topic of diapers… did you know that Germans don’t really do cloth diapers? Nope. They are extremely hard to find and I’ve never met one person here who used them. Just another random tid-bit of information for you.  You can find more info on this at this blog here.

So now that you know more than you ever cared to know about Pampers brand diapers in Germany and the US, I’ll let you return to your Internet surfing. Hope the waves are good!

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  1. Lisa writes:

    See here for a similar post- guess I’m not the only one thinking German Pampers are better than the US ones…


  2. Erin Hunt writes:

    That’s so interesting, you would think that in the land of renewables and recycling (Europe) they would be ALL OVER some cloth diapers…

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