Hello! Welcome to Blue Cakes Blog, my little corner of the web.

I am an American actress currently living in Pasadena, CA. My husband, Drew (also an American), is a gravitational-wave physicist who recently accepted an offer to work as a Postdoctoral Scholar at the Max Planck Society’s Albert Einstein Institute, which is located in Hannover, Germany. So… Drew and I and our little yorkie, Maxwell, are moving to Germany! Phew! I have a feeling my life is about to completely change.

This is the place where I will record my experiences, passions, random thoughts and adventures. Stick around for the journey and feel free to comment!



Our First Blue Cake

…Oh, and, in case you’re wondering why “Blue Cakes” are significant… Drew and I started the tradition of blue cake with our wedding cake, almost 6 years ago. We tend to be more of a traditional couple and we wanted just that for our big day- a wedding that was simple and elegant. At the same time, we wanted to do something that would break the mold a bit. So… we decided to dye our wedding cake blue on the inside (the outside was a very light ice blue). We didn’t tell anyone about it until we cut into the cake! It was a fun way to get people’s attention and spice things up. Every year on our anniversary we continue the tradition by baking and eating blue cake. So now you know. 🙂

Our Wedding - 5.29.04

7 Responses to “Welcome!”

  1. Diana Ou writes:

    I’m so glad you are doing this blog! I was wondering how we (group) were going to keep up to date with the two of you! And…I love the name!

  2. Lynn writes:

    Love it Lisa, now Uncle Mike and I will always know what you and hubby are up to. Thanks for sharing and I will no doubt be interested in following your great adventures! We wish you and Drew the best as you begin this new chapter in your life and I know that you will be following God’s plan for your life. Blessings & Hugs, Lynn and Uncle Mike

  3. Andrea writes:

    Hello Lisa, I was looking for the meaning of the pentagram ande the cross over Marktkirche at Hanover, since i visit the place it intrigued me. And your blog was the frist place were I found some explanation.
    Well, after words I began reading the blog and I think that you had a fantastic idea, I hope you will have a very nice stay in Germany, I love that country. I am not american nor form Germany, I am brazilian, but I have been five times to Deutschland.
    I love to read your blog.

  4. Blue Cakes Blogger writes:

    Thanks Andrea! Your comment made my day. 🙂

  5. Nikoletta writes:

    I have recently found your blog, and I’m following you…
    keep posting, giving us you experiences, cause, maybe, in a few months me and my family will also be Greeks living in Deutschland….
    lots of love

  6. Isabella writes:

    Dear Lisa,
    I spent the past 1 hour scrolling through your blog…beautiful. We live in South Pasadena (so close to your former home…) and we’ll move to Berlin next summer. I look forward to read more blogs about your relocation experience. Have a wonderful day.

  7. Blue Cakes Blogger writes:

    Hi Isabella!
    Thanks for your comment. All the best for your upcoming move- Berlin is a great city! 🙂

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