GOAL #12: Complete DSLR Lessons


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It’s already December, which means today makes my 12th and final GOAL post. Can you believe how quickly the year has gone by?

I realized a few weeks ago that I may not be representing our GOAL list accurately as I have focused on those GOALs we have actually completed, or at least made progress towards this year. So this month in order to be fully transparent, I’m changing it up.

There are a good number of GOALs in 2011 that Drew and I will not be crossing of our list this year. Some of them we lost interest in, others we attempted but failed, and others we simply ran out of time to do.

This year I had the GOAL of completing a set of DSLR camera lessons that I purchased a while back. The lessons include reading and homework assignments and, although there is an online website and teach, they are to be completed at your own pace- which is a good thing, because I seem to be taking my time on them!

I had really hoped to finish up the lessons and spend some quality time getting to know my camera better. I love taking pictures and I would love to someday be able to take better ones. So, it’s not that I’ve lost interest; it’s just that going through the lessons takes a lot of time (a couple weeks at least before you are ready to move to the next one), and it got moved down the priority list few times this year while things like pregnancy took over and rose to the top. Oh well.

I plan to put it on the list again next year. I imagine I will be taking quite a few pictures of the little one, so perhaps that will help inspire me a bit. 🙂

A few of the other items not crossed off the list in 2011: make a pineapple upside-down cake (forgot about it and then lost interest), go on an overnight bike trip (ran out of time in the warm season- someday!), and learn to cook Asian food (hmmm… we went to China, and ate a lot of Asian food- does that count?). We’ll see if any of these make next year’s list, I’m not sure.

It’s like that every year with our list. And, you know what I think about that? Who cares! If us list-makers only always made lists of things that we could guarantee we would cross of that list… life would be pretty boring. I prefer to dream big and push myself. And with that comes accepting that sometimes it just doesn’t happen.

I hope you’ve enjoyed these little Glimpses Of our Annual List this year that they have even perhaps encouraged some of you to try making your own GOAL lists. It’s all about having fun and challenging yourself. If you didn’t make a list in 2010, you’re in luck because there is another chance coming up soon. 2012 is just around the corner… what do you have to lose?

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  1. Shauna writes:

    I HAVE enjoyed reading about your goal list and goals and it has inspired me to think about a list for next year. Thanks for sharing with us Lisa!

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