Bringing back the fluff…

We were doomed. We had finally secured an apartment in Hannover and then we realized- there were no dryer hook-ups in our new abode. To us, this meant no more hot towels, no more quick loads of laundry. Germany had taken over every aspect of our household life, including routine chores. After the initial disappointment which, to be honest, didn’t last very long at all- we sucked it up, made friends with the close lines in our attic and tried our best to adjust to our new and dryer-free life.

Things were going well and we got used to hanging our clothes on the line, waiting a day (or three sometimes in winter months) for them to dry, and doing what the Germans did. We were even a bit proud of ourselves for “going green” and doing our part to help the environment just a bit.

Then we tired line drying our terry cloth towels.

Oh, no. That just wouldn’t do! Our once soft and fluffy post shower warmth bringers were now hard and matted. We tired to cope for a while, but then we gave in. We compromised. We still line dried our clothing (it’s really not that bad), but we began collecting our sheets and towels in a basket. And, every other week we would spend an entire day doing 3 or 4 loads of towels of sheets in the wash, (our washer takes just under 2.5 hours to run on the quickest cycle), and then load them up and trek over to the laundromat about two blocks away, fork over some change and dry those linens. It took time and effort, but it was worth it to us and we don’t regret it one bit.

About a month ago our happy little towel drying routine came to a crashing halt when as usual, we went one Thursday night to dry our linens and realized that our neighborhood laundromat had closed. We were bummed out, headed home to line dry our goods, and crossed our fingers that the closing would only be temporary. A couple days later we learned it was a permanent closing. <poof> Our hearts sank as we googled the next closest laundromat and realized it was about 25 minutes away and required a bus or tram to get to.

We tired the new place once, but, even though it was much nicer than our former laundry mat, a 25-minute bus trip to dry towels just seemed ridiculous.

And then, about a week later, luck came to us in the happiest of ways. While sharing my disappointment over our return of hard and matted towels with a friend, and telling her that I really wished we had an apartment with dryer hook-ups, my sweet German friend turned to me and said, “you know you don’t need hook-ups for a dryer in Germany- just an outlet”.

Woah, wait- “What?” My life was now being turned upside down! I tried my best to stay calm in case that she was teasing me. She wasn’t! Apparently there are two types of dryers you can buy- and those called “condensation dryers” don’t need hook-ups (instead you must manually empty a water collector after ever load). I rushed home to share my news with my -also exuberant- husband and we began dreaming again of someday having our own dryer.

Fast-forward now a few weeks to the present. Today was Christmas. Short of delivering a healthy baby girl (still waiting for her to come!) it was one of the best days possible. I returned home from ladies bible study and sitting in the corner of my kitchen was a new and sparkling dryer. I knew that it was coming, but it still brought a HUGE smile to my face. We got a great deal. It’s not the most fancy, best quality, or most expensive models by any means, but it is an AEG energy-saving Electrolux machine (you know- the ones that Kelly Ripa does the commercials for in the US?), so I think that’s cool.  It got good reviews, and did a great job on it’s inaugural run this evening (we wasted no time in starting that sucker up!). So we are happy.

There’s this tradition in the US where new parents (usually the Dads, but sometimes the Moms too) buy a gift for their spouse after the birth of their baby. Drew and I aren’t participating in that tradition this time around. We also aren’t planning to buy each other Christmas gifts this year. And I’m not disappointed by those facts for one tiny bit. No sir, not at all. This year, we decided to forgo traditional gifts and buy ourselves a dryer. And with it we gain the gift of soft fluffy towels and better yet, time. We’ve gained two nights a month back into our schedule as it no longer requires both of us to carry our linens to the laundry mat every other week.  I can dry the towels whenever I want! And we are both just so happy about that. (Aren’t we nerds?)

Maxwell, taking advantage of his fresh-out-of-the-dryer-and-therefore-warm blanket, is also quite happy with our new purchase.

For the record, we still plan to hang dry our clothing items. It’s much cheaper and better for the environment, and, frankly not too much extra work. But towels and sheets, and probably the occasional baby item or two once parenthood begins, will be dried. At home. Sans trek in the snow in winter or mud in fall.

Ah, life is good. I’m feeling blessed. 🙂

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  1. Sumairy writes:

    Love your blog! After reading a few of you posts this one was the one I felt identified with the most. I’ve been living in Germany for 3 months now (just for summer) and nothing I missed most than a dryer. Specially after a lazy weekend when Monday comes and have only “the emergency shirt” (that one you dont really like but is there and it is clean) to go to school. Those days I wished I could dry something fast and used the hairdryer instead ^^.

  2. Stephanie writes:

    I never thought a dryer would be the thing I miss the most. But, it is! I empathize with you and the stiff, matted towels after being line dried. I miss my fluffy towels so much. And some of my clothes need that extra warmth from the dryer to shrink back to size… Miss that as well. But at least Germany has amazing beer and good cheap wine. It makes watching my clothes line dry much more bearable. Thanks for sharing this! It made me smile.

  3. Blue Cakes Blogger writes:


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