GOAL #10: Plan and Host a Ladies Event in Hannover

It was one of the things I loved doing the most while we lived in Pasadena.

Every few months or so, usually while Drew was away on a work trip, I would plan and host a ladies event. A Chocolate Party, a Pajama Party, a trip to the LA Arboretum- the events ranged in theme, but always included some good quality girl talk and giggles. It was a my  way of treating my girlfriends to a time to relax and have fun, just the girls. And between the event planning and preparations (which I LOVE doing) and the event itself, it was a real joy for me as well.

So, it would be only natural to think that I wouldn’t waste any time planning ladies events in Hannover, right?


Contrary to how my sometimes chatter-box self can come across, I am extremely introverted. My energy battery charges up fully when I’m in solitude and drains quickly when I’m with people. I’m one of those people who usually prefers to be home and is perfectly happy spending long periods of time by myself- in fact, I look forward to it. On top of that, I’m also very shy. People are usually surprised to hear this because I can be a real chatter-box sometimes. But the truth is that most of my “chatter” is really only a coping mechanism in disguise, used to fill silence when I am feeling uncomfortable. In reality, being with people I don’t know very well is usually very uncomfortable and scary for me. I’d much rather either not go, or be behind the scenes working at a party, rather than mingling with strangers. Because of all this, it takes me a while to make friends and I tend to have fewer close friends rather than many acquaintances.

So, with our move to Germany, where we knew no one, I really had to push myself to get out there, meet new people and make friends. It is still a consistent and conscious effort on my part and probably always will be. To push myself a little as part of this effort, I made this GOAL for 2011: To Plan and Host at least 1 Ladies Event in Hannover.

It took me nine months to get my courage together, but I finally completed this goal a couple weeks ago when I hosted an Afternoon Ladies Tea for some of the ladies at my church. I had a great time planning and baking for the event and when the day arrived we had a good turnout of about a dozen ladies! People seemed to have fun, giggles were heard, and I was able to get to know some of the ladies a little better, which made it a success in my mind.

I’m even hoping and planning to make the the tea an annual event!

(Sorry for the fact that there are no people in these pictures, I took them before people came over and then completely forgot about my camera during the event itself!) 🙂





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