Yours are softer, mine are thicker…

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Here’s a random fact for all of you lovers of minor cultural differences: Tissues in Germany are generally 3-ply, whereas those found in the States are generally 2-ply. Even truer a fact is that tissues in the US are just softer in general than those you get in Europe.

Sure, sure, there are exceptions to every rule, so before I get emails telling me that you live in the States and just bought a box of 3-ply tissues, or that you can find super soft tissues in Germany, let me just acknowledge that.

But, I’m sticking by my story.

“I can’t believe you are writing a blog entry about tissues”, you could think. Well, believe it folks.

Truth be told, up until a little over a week ago, I never really even noticed this difference. And then both my husband and I got sick with killer colds.

And then we ran out of tissues.

And then (!), I remembered that at the top of my wardrobe I had stashed a box of tissues from the States. Not just any box, mind you- a box of those super-soft, super-expensive, filled-with-lotion-or whatever, tissues that you (or, at least we) only splurge on when you are sick. I pulled open the little cardboard flap on the top of the box, reached inside and pulled out a bit of heaven. Wow! That tissue was so soft I had to double check that it was actually a tissue and not a cloud. Oh, that box made me quite happy.

It’s good to be easily pleased.

Have a great weekend. 🙂





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