A Pregnant American In Germany, part 3: The Mutterpass

Between its pages it held the secret that no one else other than Drew and I knew for the first several weeks. Even when there was no visible proof of pregnancy quite yet it was there to confirm that I had indeed joined a special society of sorts, a society comprised of expectant mothers. When I would catch a glimpse of it in my purse it would make me smirk because I knew, and it knew, that I was pregnant.  Yes indeed I had joined the club, and it was my membership card.

“It” of course, is the Mutterpass, or “Mother Pass”.

The Mutterpass is a small little booklet with plastic cover that they give to all pregnant women in Germany at their first or second doctor’s appointment. It contains a complete medical history of the woman related to the pregnancy. There are pages to record family history, blood and other lab work results, ultrasound findings, etc. The doctor collects and updates the booklet at every appointment and then returns it to the mother. The mother is expected to carry the booklet around with her at all times throughout the pregnancy. That way if, God forbid, something would happen (car accident, emergency pregnancy situation, etc.) the medical responders would have all of the relevant pregnancy information at their fingertips instantly.  You, of course, don’t have to carry it with you everywhere, but seeing that only weighs about an ounce and is for your own (and the baby’s) protection, I’m not sure why anyone wouldn’t.

Personally, not only do I think it’s fun to have, I also think it’s a great tool in prenatal care.

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