Marienburg Castle… now that’s a gift!

Marienburg Castle

Drew and I don’t always exchange birthday presents. With our birthdays only 3 days (and 2 years) apart, and our wedding anniversary falling only about a month later, we tend to forgo the gifts and opt to put our money towards a nice evening out, theater tickets, or a trip that we can enjoy together. This past year, we splurged a bit, checked off a GOAL, and celebrated with a trip to Kos, Greece. But, like I said, this year was a bit of a splurge.

Cecily and Drew at Castle Marienburg

If you think a trip to Greece is an elaborate gift, then check this out:

The Marienburg castle is one of the most expensive, most elaborate gifts I’ve ever heard of.  At one point in it’s history, King George V of Hannover gave the castle to his wife, Marie of Saxe-Altenburg as a gift on her birthday. Now how’s that for elaborate? Can you imagine waking up one year on your birthday, combing your hair and dressing for breakfast, enjoying the day as you are now one year wiser, and then having your husband hand you over the keys to a CASTLE a few minutes later? Wow. How does one even present a gift like that? I’m guessing that George over there had no problems affording such a gift, but what did he say when he handed it over? “Sorry honey, but this year I had to cut back a little, so all you are getting is a humungous castle of your own?” or was it something more dramatic like, “Surprise! It’s your very own dream castle!”, or maybe he just went with the simpler, “Happy Birthday”. Whatever the case, I’m guessing it was a memorable year for Ms. Marie.

Drew and I in front of the Birthday Gift



The Marienburg Castle is located just 45 minutes outside the city of Hannover.

With my love for all things girly, day dreaming and fairy tales, I jumped at the chance to pay it a visit. And when Drew’s sister Cecily came for a visit this past June, the timing was right.

Unfortunately we were unable to take pictures of the inside of the castle, but I can assure you that it was just as impressive as the outside.

Now that’s one gift, I don’t think I’ll ever be able top. Sorry Drew! 🙂

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