The {8th} Blue Cake…

Kos, Greece, May 2011

A few weeks ago Drew and I celebrated our 7th Wedding anniversary with a trip to the island of Kos, Greece. Overall we had a great time exploring the island of Kos and taking a day trip to the island of Patmos, but our trip did present us with one challenge: how would we keep our tradition of Blue Cake alive? It was the first time since we’ve been married that we haven’t spent our actual anniversary day in the same town that we were living in.

The initial full 8th Blue Cake

Well, certainly we couldn’t let a little thing like being in another country make us break our beloved tradition! So we devised a plan: we would make a basic blue sheet cake the evening before our trip and then allow two carefully selected pieces to take the trip of a lifetime in a sturdy Tupperware container, all the way with us from Germany to Greece. These special pieces were prepped and lectured about airline etiquette, customs duties and their mission once in Greece- to last in the hotel room fridge until our actual anniversary. I’m pleased to say that, despite a few “rough aesthetic challenges”, they succeed and we were able to devour blue cake once again on our anniversary.

The pieces that make the cut, after an international flight and a few days in the hotel fridge.

Confused about why the cake is blue? Read this post.

Fishing Boats in Kos, Greece

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  1. Traveling Mama writes:

    Happy Anniversary!!! And congrats on your language exam! That is awesome!! Hope you guys are doing well! Hugs from Copenhagen!

  2. Radka writes:

    Congratulation on your B1 exam! And Happy Anniversary as well! I’ve been following your site for while & I like it a lot… Keep posting. I love to read about other people experince as I’m expat myself in California, (from Czech Republic).

  3. Blue Cakes Blogger writes:

    Thanks Radka! 🙂

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