My Frankfurter Afternoon

Earlier this month I went to Frankfurt for a weekend to attend a Christian Women’s Conference. The majority of the weekend was packed full of workshops and seminars, but I did find a few hours to spare to explore the city by foot a bit after arriving.  Nevermind the fact that I completely forgot about the luggage lockers in the train station and therefore proceeded to drag my suitcase around the city with me- cobblestone streets and all. Oh well, it was good exercise.

Here are a few photos of the self portrait variety from my adventure…

Outside of the Goethehaus in Frankfurt

Exploring the Altstadt area- hello random woman crashing my photo!

Square outside of Paulskirche- see the restaurant with the blue umbrellas in the background? That's where I ate lunch.

Lunch at Ristorante Raffaello

Gnocchi Sorrentina... yumm.

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