Crunch… {smile}.

A smile can be found in the most random of places.


Today I’m smiling over the tortilla chips that my wonderful husband brought home from a recent work trip in the US. (He even hand-carried them on the plane in order to ensure their safety!) My voice gets higher and my feet begin to tap in excitement when I think about the nachos I plan to make this weekend. yumm…

What little things have brought a smile to your face lately?

3 Responses to “Crunch… {smile}.”

  1. cec writes:

    confirming that i can see you guys in germany this june!

  2. Blue Cakes Blogger writes:

    yippeeeee!!! That makes me smile too! 🙂

  3. Dorathi writes:

    Reading your blog and keeping up with you, though we’re oceans apart.

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