Round Two: Blue Hair and Mohawks.

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It was time for round two. 15 weeks had past since the last round, which meant that I was overdo once again. I managed to stall for the last two weeks, finding reasonable excuses as to why I didn’t have time that particular day, or why it was ok to keep pushing it off, but this past Friday I ran out of excuses. It was time to face my opponent.

Determined not to repeat the miscommunication experience from round one, I prepped for battle by spending a good amount of time practicing German phrases with my language instructor. “Ich möchete einen Haarschnitt. Schneiden Sie nur die Spitzen, bitte. Keine Stupfen.”

Friday evening was the moment of truth. I selected a walk-in Salon, one that I passed frequently on my way home from class, confirmed the hours online, and set out to go under the scissors.

When I arrived I confidently told the stylist who greeted me that I wanted a haircut. She, in return, understood me, and instructed me to hang up my coat and to take a seat in the waiting area at the back of the room, where I could wait until it was my turn.  Phew! The battle had started. I hung up my coat, and held my breath as I strutted my stuff though the salon until landing myself on a bench with a square black leather cushion. I breathed a sigh of anticipation. This was it, there was no turning back now.

After my breathing rate slowed down enough for me to think clearly something dawned on me. For the first time since entering though the glass door, I took a look around the salon. There were 4 stylists: 3 ladies and one man, all of whom were sporting modern punk haircuts with purposely uneven layers and brightly colored hair streaks; the male stylist completed his look with a rather pointy Mohawk.

Oh boy. What had I gotten myself into now? At that moment I felt my throat getting dry and grabbed a glass of water from the dispenser to my right. I sent a text to my husband, asking if he had anything against purple hair and spikes, and tried to pull myself together.

The next thing I knew it was my turn. The blonde haired stylist with pink steaks led me to a black leather chair where I proceeded to regurgitate the German phrases I had so studiously memorized. She seemed to understand. She asked me what kind of (free) conditioning treatment I would like with my shampoo and, having no idea what she was saying at the time- it latter clicked in my brain and made sense- I told her I didn’t want one. So my hair was only shampooed.

The next 15 minutes could have been straight out of a sci-fi movie as the experience was nothing but typical. First, after combing through my non-conditioned hair, the stylist asked me to stand in front of the chair. She then proceeded to cut my hair as I stood. She must have been related to Edward Sissorhands as the entire process took less that 3 minutes. Literally. She never checked to make sure it was even, or sat me back down in the chair.

Next, I was ushered into a small side room where there were several mirrors and a shelf with hair-dryers and brushes set up. There were no chairs in this room. It was here that I figured out I was expected to stand and dry my own hair. Yep, you read that correctly- I stood in front of the mirror, hair freshly cut and dripping wet and dried my hair.

Apparently this was common practice at this salon as I soon realized that all of the other clients were also required to dry their hair themselves, but this was surely something I had never seen before.

The haircut, quick as it was, turned out OK- nothing to brag about, but nothing disastrous either. And, I managed to walk away sans Mohawk or colored hair. I paid my 22 Euros- a standard rate for a trim in Hannover- and went on my way, filled with memories of yet another unique experience in a German hair salon.

The thrill of blue hair and Mohawks aside, I’ve decided to allow myself to savor the memory of this experience and not ruin it by trying to repeat it. In other words-  in 12-15 weeks I expect that round three will be taking me to yet another salon, one that is preferably a little more full service.

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  1. Emily writes:

    I have a haircut today! Must take a slightly sick boy with me so we’ll see how it goes. A tip: take a picture with you of what you want. I always did this in the US but here it’s even more important. And yes, try a more full-service salon. It’s not cheap but then you’re not getting them all that often, and a little TLC and a cappucino always makes the whole thing go down more easily. Enjoyed your last posts. I’ve actually become a bit of a lufting addict, but I never do it for more than 5 minutes otherwise I do freeze!

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