My dozen is smaller than yours…

Look closely at the above picture- see anything *unusual* about it?

Count the eggs.

That’s right Ladies and Gentlemen… there are only 10 eggs in this pack.


I honestly have no idea why- that’s just how they are sold here in Germany. (One theory I have, and it’s only a theory, is that they are sold this way because of the fact that fridges are so much smaller here. A package of 10 eggs just fits in the fridge better than the slightly larger dozen.)

What do you think?

I told you everything was different here. 🙂 I’ll continue to be here twice a week to reveal and celebrate those differences.

5 Responses to “My dozen is smaller than yours…”

  1. Lucus Keppel writes:

    Something else that’s different (historically, anyway) – the eggs are in cardboard instead of Styrofoam. Better for recycling!

    I wonder if eggs were sold in dozens because of how many factors it has? Easy to divide for multiple recipes… but 10s make sense for accounting purposes. Absolutely fascinating!


  2. cec writes:

    They did that in Italy, too, and they also had packs of 4 and 6! I thought maybe it was an influence of the metric system, while we’re still used to “customary.” One thing that I wondered but never explored was whether there was any idea like the “baker’s dozen” in Europe. Let me know if you ever find out!

  3. Lowell writes:

    I also noticed that the supports between the eggs actually stick up higher than the eggs themselves, significantly reducing the chance of crushage. At first I thought they were just tiny eggs (?XXSmall).

  4. Shauna writes:

    Isn’t it funny that even before counting the eggs, the picture just looks “odd,” -being so accustomed to seeing twelve!

  5. Sascha writes:

    12 eggs would be much too big package I guess. you can be sure it wouldn’t be the megaseller here. if you need 12 you can get 2x 6egg packages. ;o) And since the eggs are usually stored in the fridges doors (plastic holes to let them sit on) the package size is just ok. Wo buy more often fresh. Therefore the smaller packages. But your reaction is the same as it was when my ex girlfriend from the USA was over here. btw. in the 80s the packages were also styrofoam here. but this was changed because of the environment nature protection.

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