Coodle my Knödel

There is an entire aisle at our supermarket dedicated to Potato products, with the majority of them being Knödel.

It one of the aisle’s that we tend to walk down when we have a little extra time (the other being the baking aisle). We usually take a little time to ponder the many options set out before us and then leave, feeling inside like a total idiot for having no idea whatsoever what one would do with said options. Up until recently, I didn’t have the faintest idea what a knodel was, and I certainly didn’t know how to serve them. Do you get them on their own? With a sauce? With a certain dish in particular?

This past week we decided to put on our detective hats, purchase a specimen to inspect, and solve this Knödel mystery.

The first task was deciding which Knödel to purchase. There are plain Knödel, Knödel with onions, Knödel made for soup, Knödel with various herbs, large Knödel, tiny Knödel, bite-sized Knödel… and the list continues. We opted for the basic “Kartoffel Knödel” (Potato Knödel) and figured it was a safe bet for the first try.

Next up was cooking the Knödel. After a good 10 to 15 minutes of sitting with the box on our laps in front of the computer, using Google Translate to unmask the mystery steps to preparing our dish, we entered the kitchen and began cooking.

The Knödel that you buy at the store are very simple to make. They come wrapped in little cooking bags and you just boil them for a few minutes and then reduce the heat and cook them a little longer until- poof! They are done.

So… what are Knödel?

It’s pretty simple actually-  Knödel are the German version of potato dumplings (and oh are they popular here!). You can serve them as a side dish with a gravy, put them in your soups, or even add some vegetables and spices to them and turn them into a main dish. Drew and I drizzled a little melted butter  over them, sprinkled them with salt and pepper and served them as a side dish.

The verdict? Not bad! Although they won’t be a staple item in my diet anytime soon, I would definitely eat them again sometime.

For more information about Knödel, along with pictures, see this article by

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  1. Linda writes:

    Glad you liked them! I grew up eating them, although usually they were made from scratch by my German-born mother. They are wonderful with goulash!

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