The 100th.

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Today marks my 100th post on Blue Cakes Blog! In order to celebrate this occasion, I have created a list of 100 random things to share with you…

10 random things about me…

1- I am an only child, although I used to have an imaginary sister name “Seeka”.

2- I’ve never smoked a cigarette and plan to keep it that way.

3- No matter how hard I try I am not a morning person; I do my best work at night.

4- I absolutely love to do taxes… yes, I’m odd.

5- My middle name is Dawn, which is my mother’s first name.

6- I won the John Philip Sousa Award for playing flute.

7- I’m quite proud of the fact that I can spell “blood” with my fingers.

8- When I was little I would lip-sink to the music in the grocery store and I was certain that people thought that I was really the one singing.

9- In college, my room mate and I got so fed up with our neighbors loud music that we set our stereo up in our window and blasted them with Gregorian chant.

10- A bubble bath at the end of a long day is my idea of happiness. (Extra bliss if you throw in a Bellini).

10 of the best things I have eaten…

11- Chocolate filled and striped croissants from a bakery in Aix

12- Rösti in Switzerland

Eating Rösti in Switzerland, July 2004

13- My husband’s risotto

14- Pizza cut with scissors and made by the mafia

15- My Dad’s grilled pineapple

16- My mother in law’s banana bread

17- Butternut Squash

18- A dish of dark Chocolate Gelato and Banana Gelato

19- The Olive Garden’s Chocolate Lasagna (why did they take it off their menu?)

20- Watermelon

10 of my favorite movies…

21- It Happened One Night

22- Dirty Dancing (“No one puts baby in the corner”)

23- Meet Joe Black

24- The Princess Diaries (yes, I’m a girlie girl)

25- My Favorite Wife

26- Julie and Julia

27- Ocean’s 12 ( I also like 11 and 13 but the laser dance sequence in 12 does it for me)

28- The Tomas Crown Affair

29- Stage Beauty

30- Catch me if you can

10 Random things I own…

31- a strawberry pitter

32- 2- 25-pound transformers

33- The Bible in French, English, and Greek

34- The Settlers of Catan and 2 expansion packs

35- grey hairs- they started showing up 2 years ago on my 24th birthday

36- a box of white cake mix from the US that I plan to dye blue in May

37- a quilt that my Grandma made that used to lay of my Grandparents bed

37- a long sleeved, over-sized denim shirt from when I was in 6th grade that I still wear as a painting smock today.

39- 16 packets of sugar from my sweet 16

40- an origami swan made from an Andi’s mint candy wrapper that a friend gave me on my wedding day

10 Colors you will find in my apartment…

41- Grey / Blue- on the tiles in the bathroom

42- Creamy Yellow- On the walls on my creative space

43- Bronze- on the base of my Tiffany lamp

44- Bright Orange- Painted in the hallway

45- Red- on the fire extinguisher in the kitchen

45- Black- the color of our bed frame

46- Sky Blue- on my living and dining room walls

47- Avocado Green- On the walls of our guest room

48- Turquoise- on the little figure in our kitchen that Drew brought me from Poland

49- Silver- on my Moroccan teapot

50- Purple- on the wall of my bedroom

10 Life Lessons I have learned or am still learning…

51-Filling your ears with sesame seeds is a bad idea.

52- Comparing yourself to others leads to nothing good.

53- When times get tough, very few people will actually stick around and be there- my goal is to be one of those people.

54- If you add too much butter to cookies, they will be flat.

55- Money only buys stuff and stuff doesn’t matter at all.

56- It’s a bad idea to sign up for a multi-company moving quote online- your phone will never stop ringing.

57- You don’t make friends by talking, you make them by listening and asking questions.

58- The faucet on my bath tub gets really hot- I have a nice burn to remind me of that one.

59- At the end of the day, it’s the people who matter.

60- Having faith in and giving my life to Jesus is more rewarding than anything else could ever be.

10 Experiences I have had…

61- performing in the Palais Mansour in Meknès, Morocco.

62- watching a volcano erupt on the Big Island of Hawaii

63- learning to make Ratatouille from a French friend in Provence

64- holding a lamb that was less than 24 hours old on a sheep farm in Ireland

65- standing next to the Eiffel tower in Paris at midnight on new year’s

66- swimming with dolphins in Oahu

67- attending a Mozart concert in Salzburg

68- harvesting olives to make olive oil in Pasadena

69- viewing the David in Florence

70- eating tapas in Barcelona

10 things I dream about doing:

71- viewing the floating markets in Bangkok

72- learning to take better photographs

73- walking along the Great Wall of China

74- going on another missions trip

75- having a house of my own

76- Visiting Peru

77- meeting Jesus face to face

78- island hopping in Greece

79- having children

80- going on a safari in Africa

10 desire I have for my life…

81- Serve God

82- Serve my family

83- Help Others

84- Listen more than I speak

85- Never go to bed angry

86- Learn from my mistakes

87- Embrace Opportunities

88- Never stop expanding my horizons

89- Go wherever God leads

90- Be the salt of the earth

10 of the last 100 blog posts…

91- Ode to a Pair of Pink Socks

92- So This is What the Inside of A Police Station Looks Like…

93- Ducks on Bascom Hill

94- Transparency

95- “Sichere Fahrt”

96- Misadventures at IKEA

97- Space Shuttles in the Bathroom

98- We are *those* People

99- Oops

100- Who broke the time machine?

Phew! Did you make it all the way to the end?

Now it’s your turn!

Leave a comment and let me know:

1- something about yourself

2- one of the best things you have eaten

3- one of your favorite movies

4- one random thing you own

5- one color I would find in your apartment

6- one life lesson you have learned or are currently learning

7- one of your favorite experiences

8- one of your dreams

9-  one desire you have for your life

10- your favorite Blue Cakes Blog post to date.

Who will respond? Let’s find out!

4 Responses to “The 100th.”

  1. Lisa writes:

    1.) I smile a lot because I’m happy to be.

    2.) My mother-in-law’s (cow) tongue with white wine sauce*. I thought I’d be grossed out but it was surprisingly good!

    *had to add the ‘cow’ in there because it sounds so weird otherwise

    3.) Star Wars. All of them. Always.

    4.) A plaster mask of my teenage son’s face he made as a gift for me in school.

    5.) Warm caramel wood brown.

    6.) No one is alone in the way they feel. We’re all part of one big shared human experience.

    7.) Holding my babies for the first time.

    8.) To be the best Lisa I can be so when I meet my Father in Heaven he won’t be disappointed in me.

    9.) To overcome my fears and fill it with love.

    10.) This one!

  2. Charles writes:

    1. I collect stamps. I also collect a lot of other things. Some people say I have a hoarding problem.
    2. Perfectly fried calamari.
    3. As Good As It Gets
    4. Vintage toaster.
    5. A dark blue rug.
    6. Lower expectations and I’ll less likely be disappointed. ):
    7. I love taking people to Disneyland that have never been before.
    8. Visit the Exploratorium in San Francisco. (I actually visited the Exploratorium in 2001. Mission accomplished.)
    9. Grow old enough to be grumpy about everything.
    10. I like the post about the micro-grill and almost burning down your apartment. I also like the one where you beat the cream into butter. It inspires me to make my own butter.

  3. cec writes:

    1) I usually sing at least once a day.
    2) Gelato in Bologna
    3) Love Actually
    4) A pink and grey plaid fedora
    5) Blue on my sheets
    6) How to (constructively) deal with stress
    7) Seeing Placido Domingo perform at La Scala
    8) To continue acting when I’m all settled down
    9) To have more confidence in pursuing happiness
    10) The Tiniest Traveler: I was missing pets and then the most adorable picture of an adorable doggy popped up!

  4. Jan writes:

    1-I’m afraid of heights
    2-red lentil curry
    4-my great aunt’s Bible
    6-be patient
    7-hiking in the Rockies
    8-travel to Europe
    9-grow spiritually
    10-this one!

    Congratulations on your 100th blog post!

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