Who broke the time machine?

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We were told that we needed to evacuate for our safety. Fliers were stuffed in our mailbox and signs were posted throughout the city. We were required to be out of our neighborhood by 9:00am sharp on Sunday. And so, when evacuation day arrived we woke up early, packed up our most prized possession, bundled up for the weather, and left our apartment.

We arrived at the tram stop at about 10 minutes to 9. We knew that the trams would cease to run during the evacuation  but we assumed we we be able to make one of the last 2 trains out which left at 8:53 or 8:57. We were wrong. When we looked up at the electric timetable hanging above the tram stop we noticed that the next tram wasn’t scheduled to come for another 40 minutes! And, we knew that *that* tram would end up being diverted for safety reasons.

Crud! We were stuck. And to make matters worse, from where we were now standing we could see the very construction site where the bombs were. Determined to not become the next causalities of WWII, we picked up the little critter and started walking.

We walked at a pace that would challenge the speed of light for 2.5 km (just over a mile and a half) until we found ourselves safely outside of the evacuation zone and therefore able to board a tram for the remainder of our journey.

We spent the morning enjoying a delicious bunch and the company of friends as we practiced our German, safe from any possible explosions. After returning from a Sunday afternoon stroll, we decided to call the fire department hot-line that had been set up to report evacuation information.

A man answered. Drew whipped out the German sentence he had carefully constructed before calling and waited for the response. After what seemed like a very confusing answer in German which went back and forth between “yes you can go back now” and “no not today”,  Drew came to the conclusion that all was in fact clear and that we *could* in fact return to our apartment at that time.

And that’s just what we did.

But, and there is always a “but” in our fun little German adventures (do I really need to remind you of the IKEA saga?), that wasn’t the end of the adventure. When we got home we were still feeling a little confused about the conversation on the phone with the hot-line operator, so we decided to go to the fire department website, just to double check our information and to see if there was any further info that we would need. Boy, was what followed a surprise!

It wasn’t until the page loaded (and we used the magic powers of Google Translation) that we were informed that the evacuation, which we had worked so hard to follow, had in fact been canceled. Apparently what they at first thought were 2 “WWII bombs” turned out to not be bombs at all. And apparently we were just supposed to know this information because no one told us, posted a single flier or took down any of the original fliers. Oh vey!

Our life in Germany never ceases to be full of adventure. What will happen next?

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  1. Shauna writes:

    Although unnecessary in the end, hopefully evacuating still led to a fun day! 🙂

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