Turning back time.

Image Credit: "The Passage of Time", Flicker- ToniVC

Fact #1: On Sunday October 31st, I will turn back time. At 3:00am tomorrow we will literally turn back time. 3:00am will become 2:00am and time will start over. It’s a once-a-year chance to relive an hour of our day, or, in my case, take advantage of an extra hour of sleep. This all, of course, is due to the end of daylight savings time in Europe (The USA will follow suit a week later).

Fact#2: On Sunday October 31st, I will take a step back and remember a period of time that ended over 65 years ago, but yet still affects us today: World War II. Earlier this week I found this notice in my mailbox:

Thankfully for me, page 2 was in English:

Construction workers who were working to rebuild a local hospital recently came across 2 aircraft bombs that were dropped on Hannover during WWII. The hospital building site where the bombs were discovered is in the same area of town in which Drew and I live. The bombs need to be defused, which means that for safety precautions, Drew and I are being evacuated. We must leave the area by morning and we will be informed when it is safe to return (hopefully, later in the afternoon the same day).


The dramatic history of the city in which I now live has instantly become so much more real to me. I find myself pondering what life might have been like in Hannover, 50, 60, even 100 years ago.

Want to do a little time travel with me? What would it be like if we could actually turn back the clock and literally step back in time? For the remainder of the year, I plan to devote my First Friday Flashbacks to the city of Hannover. For the months of November and December we will journey through time together and dive into a little of Hannover’s history. Are you with me? There is no ticket needed for this journey and I promise to have you home by dinner…

2 Responses to “Turning back time.”

  1. Lowell writes:

    A long time ago centuries would pass and not much would change. But it seems that over the past 500 years or so time has sped up, and is continuing to accelerate almost geometrically. “Progress” has its benefits – think instantaneous chatting from have a world away to our many conveniences, comforts, and lifespans – but also its stresses, disappointments (no internet yet?) and even tragedies.

    But given the relative speed of time, the one hour that you saved last night is probably equivalent to only a few seconds of time from the 15th century! The miracle of compound interest, I guess, which hadn’t been invented yet back then. And YES! – sign me up for the deep dive over the next couple of months! I can’t think of a better way to spend MY time.

  2. Emily writes:

    Wow! How interesting and scary. I hope all is all right. We found out yesterday that October 31st was also Reformation Sunday, the 493rd anniversary of the posting of the 95 Theses.
    The proximity to historical events here continues to amaze me—-so much of it seemed so far away (and was) but now it’s up close and personal. Seems like this would be obvious to me but still I am awed. I understand that at my son’s kindergarten the children still sometimes dig up WW II relics, as the current campus was a dumping ground for all the rubble. I look foward to your historical series!

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