Taste Test

There it was, peering up at me from within the white refrigerated compartment.

The red bag glistened in the florescent store light. It was calling to me. It had a different name than I was used to, but it looked pretty similar and it was made by the same company.

My heart skipped a beat and my mouth began to water thinking of the taste that was bound to come as I carefully selected a package to call my own.

I wasted no time when I got home. I had to know if they would taste the same as my favorites from back in the States.  I turned on the oven and ripped off the packaging, only to discover a solid block of cookie staring back at me. “Ok, they just aren’t pre-cut in Germany,” I thought, “no big deal”. I whipped out my chef’s knife and hacked away until I had 18 small squares on a cookie sheet, none of which looked anywhere near the same size as the others.

I put the cookies in the oven and waited the 12-15 minutes needed for them to transition into warm yummy goodness. When the timer dinged I checked them and ended up adding 5 more minutes because they weren’t done, plus another 3 minutes, and then another 2… but who’s counting anyway?

They were finally done! Out of the hot oven I pulled my science experiment. Aside from a peculiar square shape, thanks to my mad cutting skills, they looked pretty good. It was time for a taste test.

I gathered the resident physics Ph.D. and brought him to the scene of the experiment. We each took hold of a specimen and began the test.

The results? Good, but unfortunately- not the same. How do I describe them? I supposed the German variety (the wording on the bag literally translates to: Christmas Night Nibbles, Pastry with Chocolate pieces) tastes more like a shortbread cookie with {very} small bits of chocolate scattered throughout, while the American version tastes more like…. plain old happiness in a 2-inch edible circle.

Concluding remarks: Nothing beats American Chocolate Chip cookies. Good thing I brought a bag of chocolate chips, some brown sugar, baking powder and baking soda with me from the US- I’m planning to make a batch for a little get together we are having this weekend- maybe, if I’m feeling nice, I’ll even share. 🙂

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