I stole a car today.

Image Credit: Flicker- "Autumn in Hannover" by Thorsten Becker

Three months ago today I stepped off a plane from the USA and found myself living in Hannover. In order to recap this past month (you can read a recap of our first two months here), I’m going to borrow a little “game” from my childhood.

Quite often when I was little, usually over dinner, my mother would ask me to list 2 bad things and 3 good things that happened that day in school. It was her not so sneaky way of getting me to talk about my day, and it was something that I really enjoyed.  I’m going to follow suit for this past month and will try to focus on things NOT previously reported in this blog.

Here we go…

2 bad not-so-great things that took extra patience in Month 3:

#1- Internet. We still do not have internet set up at home! In fact, this past week we had to cancel our contract with the second provider we tried to use, because of some unexpected problems with the cable wiring in our building that make it far too complicated (not to mention expensive!) to get connected. This coming Monday we plan to sign another contract and take a third company for a spin. Fingers crossed.

#2- Homesickness has set in. I won’t hide it- I’ve had some bad days this month. Overall, I’m still excited and don’t regret our decision to move to Germany, but I’ve been missing California a lot lately. Most of all I miss my girlfriends. I miss walking around the Rose Bowl and chatting with them about anything and everything that is one my mind, I miss watching their children grow, and I miss not having to take the 9 hour time difference into consideration when I try to call them.

Ok, let’s turn that frown upside down… 🙂

3 Good Things in month 3:

#1- Internet on a stick. We may not have regular internet set up at home yet, but we did purchase a USB pre-paid internet stick which provides us with some [very slow] connection at home. It’s wonderful! We’ve been able to audio chat with a few of our friends and family members (which really helps with the homesickness!) and I no longer have to go to Drew’s office to post my blog posts or work on my book. How wonderful technology is!

#2- German Lessons. We began German lessons this month and have one week left until the end of our first intensive class. Our German is slowly but surely improving, although it still provides a sense of comic relief for both us and those around us at times. Today in class I reported, in all seriousness, that I “stole the car next to the supermarket” [Ich habe das Auto neben dem Supermarkt gestohlen.] when I meant to say that I “parked the car next to the supermarket”[Ich habe das Auto neben dem Supermarkt abgestellt]. Oh vey. At least it was a good source of giggles.

#3- I started work on my book! We have a lot of hard work ahead of us, but so far my collaborator, Zena, and I are really enjoying the process.

What are 2 bad things and 3 good things about YOUR past month?

2 Responses to “I stole a car today.”

  1. Emily writes:

    I am soooo sorry about the internet. I guess it didn’t work out with htp. that stinks. I think you will be feeling better when you do get it at home. Glad German is going well, and hope to chat with you soon.

  2. Rich writes:

    Hey Lisa, nice post and a nice picture, too. You apparently still have a lot of green in Hannover. Boston is way into fall colors now, and we’ve had sunny but cold weather, so it’s not feeling at all as cheery as your idyllic picture looks! Here’s my list:

    1. I’m so lucky to be at Harvard and have the supervisor I do (this is true every month).

    2. The baby and the wife are nice to me and easy enough to take care of.

    3. We got to go to Vermont and do quintessentially Vermont things, including a wonderful hike. It was the first time I’ve stood on top of a mountain that’s obviously the highest thing around and that I climbed myself since 2007.

    1. I was all excited for the Texas A&M-Oklahoma State game a couple weeks ago, and I watched the whole thing online (first whole game I’ve watched in years), but they lost on a last-second field goal after giving up two awful 4th quarter turnovers. It would have been a great win, but instead I was sad for days.

    2A. I’ve had a cold off and on for most of the month, but this is only half a bad thing because I was able to pull through and get things done anyway on key days when I was sick.

    2B. For my other half-bad thing (to make a total of two), I’m not exercising hardly at all. It’s because of the baby. But, this is only half a thing because they baby is nice, and it’s not really his fault that he needs attention.

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