I thought it was a an urban legend, but it’s actually true: If you beat cream long enough you will get butter. I discovered this fact by accident this past week while making trying to make chocolate mousse.

Chocolate Mousse. It’s one of my favorite go-to desserts. Quick, easy and tasty, my simple version of of this treat never fails. And, it’s practically fool proof: whip cream, add melted chocolate, mix, and poof! I’ve made it many times before and I’ve never had a problem- until I moved to Germany.

Fact: Many milk products in Germany are not refrigerated until after they are opened. (I won’t get into the “why?” now, but it has to do with the processing and it’s perfectly safe). Because of this, when you buy these products they are room temperature.

The other day, when I was preparing to make my chocolate mousse, I bought room temperature cream. Enter my problem. I didn’t realize that cream, in order to whip correctly, must be cold. I poured the cream into my kitchen aid mixer, flipped on the transformer, turned it on and starting whipping. Within a couple minutes of starting the blender, I looked down and found this:

Butter. Awesome. Not exactly what I was going for. That won’t do.

Take 2: Luckily for me, they also sell refrigerated whipping cream in Germany. So, thanks to a quick grocery store run made by my helpful hubby, I was still able to make my mousse… kind of.¬† What I didn’t know this time is that the refrigerated whipping cream on sale at our local German grocery store includes a stiffening product in it that makes the whipped cream hold it’s shape longer. Unfortunately, this¬† product also gives the cream a bit of a funky taste that get’s stronger the longer the cream sits. Humph.

We still ate the mousse that night, but it just wasn’t the same.

And so a new chapter in my adventure in Germany begins… the title: Cooking and Baking 101: The quest of making a decent chocolate mousse in Germany.

I’m determined to win this battle.

Stay tuned.

3 Responses to “Oops.”

  1. Drew writes:

    I have to say, the butter we made turned out to be pretty good!

  2. Sammy writes:

    I’d recommend organic cream. No stiffening stuff!

  3. Sascha writes:

    I don’t know what you used. But the refrigerated cream is usually natural and doesn’t contain ANY “stiffening”. Did you mean Rama Cremefine? This is not real cream, its a natural replacement product with lower fat. And this tastes definitely different. :o)
    Get normal cream store it COLD and add then a little package “Sahnesteif” (whipped cream stiff powder) can be found in every grocery store (keeps it stiff for a long time without changing the taste). Then mix it BUT keep en eye on it. Haha… sure it will get always Butter when Mixed too long! Yub have to find the right point to stop. That has something to do with the natural fat of the natural cream.

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