Life is full of waiting. From waiting in line at the grocery store to waiting for a special delivery to come in the mail, to waiting in anticipation for our next vacation, we are constantly waiting for something. My dad likes to say it’s all “Wait-dot-com”.

We in the blue cakes household have been doing our fair share of waiting these last couple months. Notably, we are still waiting for the Internet and phone to get hooked up in our apartment. We’ve been waiting for that since we ordered the service in the beginning of August, and it’s becoming a real bummer. I’d like nothing more right now than to see a family member’s familiar face on Skype, or to dial up some of my girlfriends and gab until I run out of breathe. Or, even just to have the luxury of having the Internet at home and being able to log on more than once or twice a week when I go over to Drew’s office.

In other waiting news, we are now also still waiting for our German classes to begin. I was originally planning to post a blog post saying that they began today, but as it turns out, they’ve been postponed another two weeks. More waiting.

It can sure be disappointing and even frustrating at times! Sometimes I just want to scream- AHHHH!!!!

But, all this waiting has taught me a few things. Here’s what I’m learning and processing right now….

#1 The waiting will never end. Yep, I said it. And it’s true- there will always be something you are waiting for. Once I finally get Internet set up at home, and begin my German classes, I will soon after surely begin waiting for something else. That’s just how it is.

#2 Sometimes being forced to wait is really a blessing in disguise. Enjoy the wait and look at it as an opportunity, rather than a set-back. Who knows what things I may learn, discover, or accomplish because of the fact that I was forced to wait!

#3 Life may be full of waiting but it’s certainly not all about waiting. Be in the moment and enjoy the present, because that’s where life is happening, and life is too short to let it pass you by. I might not be able to begin my German classes, or spend long hours with friends on Skype this week, but I know that eventually these particular waits will end and I plan to enjoy each moment to its fullest until they do. And you can hold me to it.

On Friday, I’ll reveal one of the project’s I’ve decided to undertake during this wait…

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  1. Shauna writes:

    I love it! What great lessons and SO TRUE.

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