Have you tried them?

Image Credit: Flicker "Rubber Slippers in Italy"

My taste buds experienced a little bit of heaven this week. Straight from a friend’s garden, these little yellow fruits found themselves in a bowl before me. I peered in. They looked like grapes, and were only a tiny bit larger. What were they? I had to find out. I took the plunge and bit into one. The taste of crisp, sweet fruit filled my mouth. Yum. If it weren’t for the other people in the room I would have probably grabbed the entire bowl and dumped them into my purse… for safe keeping. Utter bliss. Divine delish. Happiness. I later found out that the scrumptious little fruit that had won me over was none over than a Mirabelle Plum.

Have you tried them yet? If not, run, don’t walk, to the closest place you can get your hands on these and induldge. You won’t be sorry.

Happy Weekend. 🙂

2 Responses to “Have you tried them?”

  1. Gregg Behnke writes:


    Have them ready for Pat and I when get their.

    Love you and have a Great Day


  2. Katie @ Making This Home writes:

    Lisa, it’s been so fun to read about all of your bits of adventure. Sounds like you’re having a super time! I’m so glad. Your bikes look very cool. So does your kitchen. And your view. And…!! We called those plums “baby plums” last year. Mirabelle – I have to remember that. They’re so good.

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