Gutten Appetit!

Nothing warms up a home faster than filling it with friends.

We had our first dinner party in our new apartment this this past Friday. My friend Lilli, who I know from acting classes back in Los Angeles, just happens to have a family home right outside of Hannover. She spends about a month here each year, and fortunately for us, she was recently in town! So, just before she flew back to the US, she became our first guest to enjoy a homemade dinner from our new kitchen! Lilli even brought us flowers to celebrate the occasion, which made it extra special.

It was a great evening, and hopefully the first of many more times where we can open up our home in Hannover and share it with our friends and family.

On the menu: Tarte de Flette, Green Salad, Comté, Chocolate Ice Cream.

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