People laughing, children smiling, dogs wagging their tails. Fake cows for children to “milk”. Live entertainment shows. Tents set up for as far as you can see and filled with brats, beer, fried-food, and music.

Sound a bit like the state fair?

That’s what we thought! This past weekend we went to Mascheefest. It’s a huge festival that takes place each year around the Maschsee- a man-made lake in the center of Hannover. Here are a few pictures of the fun…

3 Responses to “Maschseefest”

  1. cec writes:

    Looks like fun!! And perhaps your most successful Germany adventure?

  2. Aunt Theresa writes:

    The frequent “fests” in Germany were always favorites of mine! Drew’s wurst photo brings back a lot of fun memories. I am so glad you are getting out and exploring! Auf wiedersehen!

  3. Emily writes:

    I walked by the meter-long wurst stand today. Sadly, it was not open.

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