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Traveling Internationally with a Toddler, Part Four: Dealing with Toddler Jet-lag

If you are traveling internationally you will most likely encounter some sort of jet lag. And if you’re making that trip with a toddler- life just got a whole lot more exciting! Here’s the truth: Dealing with a jet-lagged toddler is never easy.  There is no magic solution, no way to fully prepare your little […]

German Apartments = Good Preparation for Home Ownership

Unlike in the US, when you rent an apartment in Germany you are responsible to see to the majority of apartment repairs. -Sink broken? -Toilet Leaking? -Drain in Tub backed up? -Ceiling lights burnt out? -Water Heater in need of yearly service check? -Windows in need of better winter insulation? The response to all of […]

Let’s put our cards on the table…

You’re beautiful, really. But it’s not all about beauty. Today I want to talk about feelings. Let’s face it you’re not at all warm. You’re cold. Too cold. To be honest you send shivers up my spine, and I don’t care for it. Frankly, life just isn’t as much fun or as easy with you […]

Traveling Internationally with a Toddler, Part 3: On the Plane

I’ve already discussed Tips for Planning Ahead and Packing / Day of Travel Tips, today let me share with you my on-the-plane tips for traveling internationally with a toddler: –Make friends with the flight attendants- They can really make all the difference in your flight experience. Remember your please and thank-yous and don’t be afraid […]

Attention IKEA Shoppers….

Attention IKEA shoppers…. Keep your eyes open for a 23-pound miniature shopper sporting a pink bow and overalls. She’s serious, she’s fast and she’s on a mission! The Little Miss of BlueCakesBlog is on the loose! Considering the amount of time (and sometimes agony!) we have spent with IKEA since we first arrived in Hannover- […]

Tips for Traveling Internationally with a Toddler, Part 2- Packing / Day of Travel Tips

In case you missed Part One- Planning Ahead, here’s a link. Day of Travel Tips: –Dress the toddler smartly– comfortable, layered clothing that is easy to change / do diapers changes in is best. Sweats or pjs are never a bad idea. This is not a day for high fashion toddler-wear. –Make eye-contact with gate […]

BlueCakes Review: NapCabs, Munich Airport

We were all tired and a bit cranky as we disembarked from our international flight back to Germany. Sure, things were about as uneventful as we could have hoped, traveling with a 14-month old and an in-cabin dog, but the 9-hour flight (and the 7 week trip that preceded it) was still exhausting- physically and […]

Tips for Traveling Internationally with a Toddler, Part One: Plan Ahead

Having just returned from a 7-week international trip with our one-year old, (which consisted of 6 flights -over 24 hours of flying time-, 2 countries, 4 US States, 3 Homes and 1 Hotel ), I feel it is appropriate to pass along some of the things I have learned about traveling internationally with a toddler. […]