Archives for the Month of October, 2011

Blogger vs. Pinecone… who will be first?

Drew brought home a surprise from the grocery store last week. Little did he know that, after I translated the directions on his surprise, it would provoke… a competition! The contenders:   We purchased the pinecone a week ago so at this point it should only have 5 weeks left before its little ones arrive. […]

{Her} Quilt

I sewed the final stitches this week. And now it just sit there, waiting for her to arrive. The first quilt or large sewing project of any type I’ve ever attempted, it’s perfect in absolutely no way at all. But like it’s creator, who is also full of flaws and imperfections, it is filled with […]

A Pregnant American in Germany, part 6: Attitudes towards Pregnant Women

Last week, Drew and I traveled to Beijing, China. At 7 and a half months pregnant, there was no hiding the fact that I was expecting.  As I walked down the aisle of the plane to my seat I could see people starring at my belly, probably thinking to themselves, “oh no- please don’t have […]

Greetings from Beijing!

Yep, you read that correctly- Drew and I (and our baby girl in the cooker) are in Beijing, China this week! After getting the final OK from our doctor, we packed our bags and set off on one last adventure before the little one comes. Truth be told- we are mainly here for Drew to […]

GOAL #10: Plan and Host a Ladies Event in Hannover

It was one of the things I loved doing the most while we lived in Pasadena. Every few months or so, usually while Drew was away on a work trip, I would plan and host a ladies event. A Chocolate Party, a Pajama Party, a trip to the LA Arboretum- the events ranged in theme, […]