Archives for the Month of September, 2011

Yours are softer, mine are thicker…

Here’s a random fact for all of you lovers of minor cultural differences: Tissues in Germany are generally 3-ply, whereas those found in the States are generally 2-ply. Even truer a fact is that tissues in the US are just softer in general than those you get in Europe. Sure, sure, there are exceptions to […]

A Pregnant American in Germany, part 5: Hospital Differences

My recent and unexpected hospital stay presented itself as a definite learning experience into the many cultural differences between German and American hospitals. Here are a few of the main differences I noticed: -I’ll now state the obvious: as this was a German hospital, everything was done in German. That said, I was actually fortunate […]

A Pregnant American in Germany, part 4: An Unexpected Hospital Stay.

There’s something about pregnancy that seems to suddenly make all of the joys and woes of expat life clearer than they’ve ever been before. Positive attributes of the host country and culture are highlighted in ways never before experienced, and the less positive cultural differences and language barrier issues are brought to center stage, no […]

Don’t be deceived by his cuteness…

Since moving to Germany our sweet and furry little pup, Maxwell, has found himself a new calling… His Objective: Protect the family and the house from intruders. His Mission: Show no mercy. Intimidate, Kill and Destroy. His Target: When you have windows without screens you’re bound to get a bug or two in the house […]

GOAL #9: Read 3 books- for leisure purposes only

We’ve been making new year’s GOALs for several years now. Most of the time these GOALs change from year to year, but some GOALs we enjoy so much that we repeat them each year. This month’s featured GOAL is one of those repeated GOALS: To each read at least 3 books for leisure purposes only. […]