Archives for the Month of January, 2011

Squealing like a pig.

There is nothing better than getting home after a long and somewhat boring day of German class and discovering a surprise package waiting for me. Such was my luck this afternoon. I unlocked the front door, walked up the four steps to our mailbox area, and there it was.  Predominantly displayed on the ledge above […]

Drinking like a German.

There’s nothing like the crisp bite of a cold beverage to quench your thirst. Give me a Diet Pepsi in a glass with a slice of lime and a straw any day and I will be in utter bliss. Add a slice of cucumber to my water and I’m mentally half way to the spa. […]

Passport to adventure.

Ask any of my friends back home and they will confirm that when it comes to finances, I’m a little crazy. Crazy because financial planning absolutely makes my day. Sitting down with my Quicken files and preparing a fresh new budget, or analyzing our spending habits provides me with a surge of adrenaline like no […]

the dance of change.

I received a package from my Mother in the mail today. In it was a short little book entitled “…and she sparkled”. The book is written by Joan Steffend and tells the beautiful story of a women who learns to see the joy in life and embrace her own uniqueness, even if it causes her […]


There is a certain black cat that keeps following us around. He appears out of the corner of our eye while we are in the kitchen and he almost always looks the same. We’ve grow accustom to his presence and have begun to enjoy his company. He has this way about him, unlike any other […]

German class, you are my nemesis.

Dear German language, We need to have a DTR. I used to have high hopes for our relationship. We did well in the beginning. There was give and take each time we were together. You would come up with fun games that challenged my mind and encouraged me to keep learning, and I would return […]

GOAL #1: Pay a utility bill.

Today we begin our Glimpses of the Annual List, or GOAL, series. We live in an apartment in with hot water, electricity and heat despite the fact that we have never once paid a utility bill. In fact, we’ve lived here for almost 6 months now and haven’t once even glanced at a bill. We […]

2011 GOAL

*A Note from BlueCakes Blogger: In order to change things up a little for the new year I’ve decided to make some changes to this blog: I will no longer be posting First Friday Flashbacks. Now, before you run out of the room to get the Kleenex box and sulk, let me assure you that […]

Keeping up with Tradition…

Happy New Year! Living in Pasadena, CA for the last five years has forever changed the way we see New Year’s Day. The Day has extra special meaning to us in the BlueCakes Household- something that can be summed up in one word: ROSES! The Tournament of Roses: Bandfest, The Rose Parade and the Rose […]