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A bit of So Cal in Hannover…

I ran into a familiar face this past week while exploring Hannover a little… Yes! That’s correct- There is a Big Boy Statue in the middle of Hannover Germany! It makes it’s home outside of a retail clothing store in the center of the city. Although it isn’t attached to a restaurant selling burgers and […]

The Hotel is {Open}…

Linens were cleaned, floors were mopped and space in drawers were cleared in anticipation of the big event.  Yes, the Blue Cakes Hotel has greeted its first overnight guests. Foreign toothbrushes are now finding their temporary home in our bathroom and a few remaining slices from a loaf of homemade banana bread, which traveled all […]

I want one.

I recently discovered a pretty awesome little invention called the Laufrad. As an American I had never even heard of anything like this until I moved to Germany. Laufrads are everywhere in Germany. So what is a “Laufrad” actually? Look at the picture above. This is a Laufrad. At first glimpse it looks like any […]

The wait is {FINALLY!} over.

It’s a good day in the Blue Cakes Household. Our never-ending quest to have internet at home in Germany is finally over. Almost 4 months from the day we signed our first internet contract in our new place of dwelling, we are now free to surf as we please from the comfort of our apartment. […]

Magic Eye.

Amidst the cold grey evening they stand, strong and bare. They are not afraid of the winter to come. Powerful rains and determined winds have blown away their colorful decorations revealing to us an intimate look at their naked forms. From this new perspective we are afforded a glimpse of their story. A moment to […]

Startled Deer in the swivel chair.

It’s one of the things that I have been avoiding ever since we moved to Germany. I’m not very fond of doing it in the US, and the thought of doing it with minimal language skills scares me. How will it turn out? Will they listen to what I say? Will I hate it? love […]

The 100th.

Today marks my 100th post on Blue Cakes Blog! In order to celebrate this occasion, I have created a list of 100 random things to share with you… 10 random things about me… 1- I am an only child, although I used to have an imaginary sister name “Seeka”. 2- I’ve never smoked a cigarette […]

Flashback Friday: Hannover Edition – June 18th, 1832.

Fasten your seat belts because we are traveling almost 200 years back in time today! Today marks the first post of my First Friday Flashback mini-series on Hannover. We will begin our series by looking at the history of a popular memorial in the city. Ready? Let’s go… The dedication took place on Monday June […]

Who broke the time machine?

We were told that we needed to evacuate for our safety. Fliers were stuffed in our mailbox and signs were posted throughout the city. We were required to be out of our neighborhood by 9:00am sharp on Sunday. And so, when evacuation day arrived we woke up early, packed up our most prized possession, bundled […]