Archives for the Month of October, 2010

Turning back time.

Fact #1: On Sunday October 31st, I will turn back time. At 3:00am tomorrow we will literally turn back time. 3:00am will become 2:00am and time will start over. It’s a once-a-year chance to relive an hour of our day, or, in my case, take advantage of an extra hour of sleep. This all, of […]

Taste Test

There it was, peering up at me from within the white refrigerated compartment. The red bag glistened in the florescent store light. It was calling to me. It had a different name than I was used to, but it looked pretty similar and it was made by the same company. My heart skipped a beat […]

I stole a car today.

Three months ago today I stepped off a plane from the USA and found myself living in Hannover. In order to recap this past month (you can read a recap of our first two months here), I’m going to borrow a little “game” from my childhood. Quite often when I was little, usually over dinner, […]

Show me some ID.

*Warning: reading this blog post without complete committment to all things silly  may lower your GPA. Proceed at your own risk… Last week my dog got his own passport. It’s true. Click here to read more about it if you missed that post. Now before you start thinking that fury little Max is having all […]

the tiniest traveler…

He loves adventure and dreams of far-off lands. Playing ball in Madrid, wagging his tail as he strolls along the banks of the Seine river in Paris, “taste-testing” the delicate meats in Florence, barking at the ducks in Brugges… Ok, ok- back up. Have I lost my mind? This is my dog I’m talking about. […]

Take Two

It’s been over two months since we signed up for home internet and phone service… and we are *still* not set up! Can you believe it? 2 months! has become our new homepage. This past week we decided to try a new approach. We have officially canceled our contract with the DSL internet provider […]

Moo Cow Needs a Name

If you climb up the 84 steps you must battle before reaching our apartment you will find a cheerful greeter at the door welcoming you. We found this little cow doormat at our hardware store and had to have it. It reminds of of both California and Wisconsin and adds a little color to our […]


The leaves in Hannover are starting to change colors and trickle to the ground with the wind. The air is crisp and my nose is cold. My favorite quilt has found a permanent new home on my sofa and my bright red Wisconsin sweatshirt has gotten more use in these past couple weeks than ever […]


I thought it was a an urban legend, but it’s actually true: If you beat cream long enough you will get butter. I discovered this fact by accident this past week while making trying to make chocolate mousse. Chocolate Mousse. It’s one of my favorite go-to desserts. Quick, easy and tasty, my simple version of […]

Flashback Friday #18: A Yellow Room

Sometime around 1989 or 1990 (I can’t recall the exact date), I was put on the Behnke* house painting team and was given a special assignment. Our mission, which we chose to accept, was to transform white into yellow. It was going to be a messy job, but we were determined to get the task […]