Archives for the Month of August, 2010

Gutten Appetit!

Nothing warms up a home faster than filling it with friends. We had our first dinner party in our new apartment this this past Friday. My friend Lilli, who I know from acting classes back in Los Angeles, just happens to have a family home right outside of Hannover. She spends about a month here […]


The battle of electric wires has begun.. and so far we are in the lead! I’m proud to announce that Drew has successfully installed the very first ceiling lighting fixture in our apartment. And- that he didn’t electrocute himself in the process. (Although I did make sure that I knew how to call for an […]

Fun, Flirty, and Durable.

It’s on the list of essential things to have when you live in Germany as it really can make your life a lot easier. I’ve wanted one ever since we arrived and have been searching high and low for the perfect model. It needed to be feminine, yet at the same time sturdy and durable, […]

Day Dreaming…

This is the view from my bedroom window. Sitting on my bed looking out on the world from my penthouse treehouse, I tumble quickly into a world of fantasy and wonder. Perhaps today I will be in Paris, or maybe Madrid. With a little imagination I become a princess, up high in her castle, looking […]

Kitchen Tour

Drum roll please… I’m proud to unveil…. our new kitchen in all its glory! There are still some minor decorating tweaks that will need to be done to complete it, drapes, rugs, etc., but for now we are thrilled about how it turned out and ecstatic to finally have a kitchen again. Take a look… […]

Sneak Peak

Here’s a sneak peak of our new kitchen from when it was being installed… the full tour is coming soon!

Bring on the mess!

Confession of Blue Cakes Blogger #1: I’m a complete neat freak. I mean it- call me strange, but I absolutely love to clean. The smell of freshly scrubbed floors, the shine of newly dusted furniture, and the sparkle of clear, clean windows bring a huge smile to my face. Spending an entire day cleaning, knowing […]

Christmas in August

Yesterday was Christmas. Well, it was for us at least. Our container that was loaded and shipped in Pasadena made its appearance outside of our apartment in Hannover yesterday morning! It took the four delivery men just under 2 hours to unload all of our 82 boxes and bring them up to our apartment. Not […]

There’s Chocolate in My Cereal!

In the US, we add so much raw sugar to our cereal that our teeth begin to rot before we even take the first bite. Dentists cringe when they walk the aisles of our supermarkets. “Breakfast” we label it, even though we all really know that it’s just an excuse to eat more dessert. The […]

Space Shuttles in the Bathroom

Our washing machine was delivered yesterday and is now sitting grandly in its assigned spot at the end of the bathroom.  It’s a marvelous beast. And powerful, too. During its spin cycle it rotates 1600 times per minute which makes our apartment sound a bit like Cape Canaveral during a space shuttle launch. If you’ll […]