Archives for the Month of June, 2010

At least one of us is ready…

Every since we brought out his travel bag, Maxwell has been ready to go! The move hasn’t really bothered him too much so far- he seems to understand that his travel bag means he gets to come too, and he is quite happy to be included. 🙂

On it’s way…

2 days. 2 professional movers. 12 rolls of packing tape. 82 boxes. 1 bright yellow 20-foot container. And our stuff is off! Bon Voyage belongings- we will meet you in Germany!

“Sichere Fahrt”

We have the best friends ever. This past weekend a group of our closest friends threw us a fabulous going-away party. “Sichere Fahrt” they wished us; which, besides being a hilarious phrase for us English speakers, is apparently supposed to be the German equivalent of “Bon Voyage”- at least it is according to Google Translate. […]

Woah. Here we go…

Today when I got home from having breakfast with a friend I noticed that signs had been posted to reserve the parking spots that will be needed for our moving van on Monday… Holy macoroni and cheese we leave California in less than a week! And our movers come to pack us up in only […]

This time we come prepared…

When we moved to France in August of 2005 Drew and I were completely convinced that we would “become French” so to speak- we were so excited about all the the new French foods that we would devour (the bread! the cheese! the WINE!), that we never imagined that we would actually miss American food. […]

The Secret Revealed….

Remember back a few months ago when I dropped hints of a “secret project” that I have in store for myself for after we arrive in Germany? It was something that I was collaborating on and that would keep me busy for at least the first year after our arrival. Well, the day has come […]

15 days. 15 words.

Time is passing by very quickly right now. It’s amazing how that the more you want it to slow down, the faster that it seems to go. There are only 15 days until Drew and I say good-bye to California. Here are 15 words to give you an inside glimpse of what I’m feeling right […]

We cheated. It’s sad but true…

We paid a visit to the Target store a few weeks ago. As we walked the aisles searching for the things we needed to purchase, we tried our best to stay focused on making it a quick trip. We had a lot of work to do at home and our time was limited. But…it was […]

Driver’s Ed…

I’ve been licensed for over a decade. Because of this, I completely forgot what it is like to not be able to drive a car… Until last night. Our (very) patient and generous friend Michelle gave us a crash course in learning to drive a car with a manual transmission. It’s pretty rare to find […]

Flashback Friday* #14: Vegas, July 2006

*In effort to share more details with you about our adventure in moving to Germany, I have decided to change the format of Flashback Fridays a little bit. From now on, Flashback Fridays will only be posted on the first Friday of every month. Don’t worry- I will still be here each Friday (I am […]