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Flashback Friday #13- My Fairytale, Memorial Day Weekend, 2004

6 years ago tomorrow (May 29th) Drew and I were married. I can remember it like it was yesterday. From the moment I woke up I was filled with excitement. After 3 years of dating followed by a 19 month engagement- my wedding day was finally here! The entire morning butterflies raced around in my […]

Selling and Sorting

This past weekend was particularly productive for Drew and I. Although we are still several weeks behind schedule, we got a lot checked off the list. In two short days we managed to: -sell our mountain bikes (we plan to buy city bikes in Germany). It was sad for me to see them go (it […]

Flashback Friday #12: Dressing Up

You are already aware of my somewhat strange affection for cozy pink socks, but did you know that I am also infatuated with dressing up? It’s true. It’s been that way ever since I was a little kid and it has continued through the present. It’s funny how, with the help of your mother’s shoes… […]

Mission Accomplished.

Our visas for Germany were finally issued this past week! One more task crossed off the Master Checklist. Next major project to tackle: finding an apartment in Hannover when we still live in the US…

Flashback Friday #11: Madison Apartment, May 2004-August 2004

As we continue to sort and purge our current Pasadena apartment in preparation for our move to Germany, I keep catching myself day-dreaming about the next place we will call home. What will our apartment in Hannover be like? What street will we live on? What will be the unusual quirks and characteristics that will […]

A {taste} of Hannover…

First of all- a big thank you to all of you who reached out to encourage me after I shared some of my recent struggles. Your comments, emails and gestures really touched my heart. It is a huge help and comfort to know I have friends and family who are rooting for me! … A […]

Flashback Friday #10: The Junior Prom, Spring 2001

I dreamt about it for months. The tickets were purchased, meal choices selected and flower choices coordinated. I had the perfect date and had found the perfect dress, jewelry and shoes. I was soooo excited- I was going to the junior prom! When the big day came, I spent all morning primping and giggling.  I […]


Let me be honest- I had a difficult weekend. I started this blog to document my journey of moving to Germany- the good and the bad. In an effort to be true to myself, and to give you an honest and transparent look inside my journey, I have decided to share with you my recent […]