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Shh… I have a secret!

I know what I will be doing in Germany. (Well, one of the things). I recently committed to a special “project” which I am very excited about. Woo hoo! It will take up a decent part of my time for at least the first year after we move…. Don’t you want to know what it […]

Apparently we now live in Israel…

You may recall from a previous post (see: “So this is what the inside of a police station looks like…”) that we have been in the process of preparing the various documents needed to apply for our visas for Germany.  We are very much looking forward to adding another mark of conquest to the inside […]


I love Anthropologie. Seriously. From the clothing to the home wares I would classify pretty much everything in the store as a treasure. I could spend hours and hours in the store looking at kitchen or bath accessories, sorting through various switch plates, knobs, hooks and brackets in the hardware section, or drooling over the […]

Flashback Friday #4: That’s the one! September 2006

Long before Drew and I were married we started discussing the idea of getting a dog of our own someday. We talked about the idea with friends and family, did a bunch of research online, drooled over pictures of puppies (no pun intended) and dreamed of the day when we could go on a picnic […]

So this is what the inside of a police station looks like…

This past Thursday evening Drew and I found ourselves in the Pasadena police department having criminal record checks run on us. As we anxiously awaited the results, we studied up on the rules of visitation for prison inmates- apparently inmates are only allowed one 15 minute visit per day between the hours of 1:00 and […]

Flashback Friday #3: Grandma “D”

When I was younger she was the coolest babysitter. We would always fill our special time together with the most exciting adventures: painting ceramics, sewing dolls and doll clothes, playing dress up, going to get ice cream. Once we spent an entire day planning and creating a magic show to perform for my parents when […]

Now THIS I will not miss!

It felt as if the entire apartment was sitting on top an enormous blanket and that a humongous giant decided to pick up the corners of said blanket and well, “shake it like a Polaroid picture”. Then of course, after about 8 seconds, the giant realized that he was embarrassing himself because “shaking it like […]

Flashback Friday #2: A Childhood Prediction Comes True, March 2002

A little girl dressed in blue elastic-waist pants and a white long-sleeved shirt sat with her mother in their family room as her father video recorded them. Half of her shoulder length brown hair was pulled back into a ponytail and she giggled at the sight of herself on camera. When asked “what do you […]

A Fresh Start And A Rite Of Passage

Did you guess from the title that I’m talking about Passports today? For international travelers it’s an essential part of your journey. It follows you everywhere you go and is there for the ups and downs of your experiences- both the fond memories and the memories you try hard to forget. It soon becomes a […]

Flashback Friday #1: Disney World, July 2004

I’ve decided that I will start a new tradition on this blog: Flashback Fridays. Each week, on Friday, I will post a flashback- a story of a special event, trip, person, or moment in my past…. Flashback Friday #1:  Disney World, July 2004 It was early June 2004. We were newlyweds, just back from our […]