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Ich bin eine Pflanze, or “I am a plant”

Our German is coming along! We’ve had a total of four lessons at this point and we are really cranking away at it. Our evenings are now spent learning verbs or quizzing each other on vocabulary; and, a good portion of our apartment is now labeled with German words. It’s funny how much more you […]

Ode to a Pair of Pink Socks

With our upcoming move to Germany, there is sure to be a lot of letting go of things and saying good-byes to people in our future. Truth be told, for me this is probably the hardest part of our transition. Looking at all the “stuff” in our apartment that we will have to part with […]

Das Alphabet

We want to get a head start on our German before we move, so we recently signed up for 10 weeks of private German tutoring (2 lessons per week for 20 lessons total). Today we had our first lesson! As neither of us speak any German at all right now we are starting at the […]

Valentine’s Day Dinner with Julia Child

Drew and I love to cook. We get very happy when we have the opportunity to spend hours in the kitchen planning, and preparing a meal. We love to putz. We love cookbooks. And we love cooking gadgets and gizmos. For us, stores like Sur La Table or Bed Bath and Beyond are like paradise- […]


Meet Maxwell. Ok, full disclosure- his full name is Maxwell’s Equation. He was named after the physicist James Clerk Maxwell- my husband is a physicist so we thought it was appropriate. We just call him Max, Maxie, or Maxwell for short (along with other assorted nicknames like bug, buddy, and fuzzy). Weighing in at a […]

Moving to Germany FAQs

I’ve decided to post the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions regarding our move to Germany. If you have other questions, feel free to ask! Why Germany? Why not? Ever since we left France almost five years ago (we lived there for a year while I was studying at the University of […]


Hello! Welcome to Blue Cakes Blog, my little corner of the web. I am an American actress currently living in Pasadena, CA. My husband, Drew (also an American), is a gravitational-wave physicist who recently accepted an offer to work as a Postdoctoral Scholar at the Max Planck Society’s Albert Einstein Institute, which is located in […]