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Hello From Arizona!

It’s official- Drew, Maxwell, and I have left California. Our flight took off Thursday morning, and, despite some teary goodbyes (leaving friends sucks!), it was a relatively uneventful trip. We are currently hanging out in sunny Arizona spending time with my Dad and Grandma. Our days thus far have been filled by splashing around in […]

Flashback Friday #8: Mangoes, June 2004 & April 2010

It was June 2004 and we were on the second part of our honeymoon- a cruise. When the ship pulled into the Key West port, we were ready for adventure. We grabbed our camera and treasure map and set out to find buried treasure. I’m not kidding. No, seriously… I’m being literal now. Huh? Ok, […]

Hello from the Keys!

Greetings from my last day of V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N!!! These last few days have been filled with smiles and sunshine for Drew and I. That’s because we have been spending them in the Florida Keys! We’ve had a great time celebrating both of our birthdays and visiting with my Dad and his fiancee Pat, who own a […]

A Fresh Start And A Rite Of Passage

Did you guess from the title that I’m talking about Passports today? For international travelers it’s an essential part of your journey. It follows you everywhere you go and is there for the ups and downs of your experiences- both the fond memories and the memories you try hard to forget. It soon becomes a […]