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Marienburg Castle… now that’s a gift!

Drew and I don’t always exchange birthday presents. With our birthdays only 3 days (and 2 years) apart, and our wedding anniversary falling only about a month later, we tend to forgo the gifts and opt to put our money towards a nice evening out, theater tickets, or a trip that we can enjoy together. […]

The {8th} Blue Cake…

A few weeks ago Drew and I celebrated our 7th Wedding anniversary with a trip to the island of Kos, Greece. Overall we had a great time exploring the island of Kos and taking a day trip to the island of Patmos, but our trip did present us with one challenge: how would we keep […]

My Frankfurter Afternoon

Earlier this month I went to Frankfurt for a weekend to attend a Christian Women’s Conference. The majority of the weekend was packed full of workshops and seminars, but I did find a few hours to spare to explore the city by foot a bit after arriving.  Nevermind the fact that I completely forgot about […]

Day Tripping…

Last week we took a day trip to Hameln, the city made famous by the legend of the Pied Piper. Here are a few pictures from our trip…

On “Home”.

A couple weeks ago I posed the question “What is “home”?”. I’d like to revisit this idea from time to time over the next few months as Drew and I settle into our new home in Hannover. Today, let’s take a look at some quotations that others have famously spoken on this concept…. You can […]

We’re Off!

9 bags: 4 large suitcases (3 within a half pound of their 50 lb limit and the other within a pound of the “heavy luggage” 70 lb limit); 2 rolling carry-on bags (both slightly over the weight limit), 2 “personal bags” (also over the limit); 1 doggie duffel bag…. and we are packed! Finger’s crossed […]

Last Stop: Chicago

We are currently spending time with Drew’s parents at their condo in Chicago, our last stopover location before we head to Germany. In less than 24 hours Drew and I will be on a plane and on our way to Hannover! Woah. The past three weeks have gone by in the blink of an eye. […]

Hello From Door County!

These past couple days Drew and I have been in Door County, WI with my mom and her husband. It’s been nice to have a few days away to spend with them and to revisit a place where I have many memories from my childhood. This morning we had breakfast at at the now famous […]

In Transit. What is “home”?

At the moment Drew and I are in transit. We are in between apartments. Neither here nor there. So, I’ve been thinking a lot about the concept of home lately. What is “home” and where is my “home”? Part of me still feels like it is in California and yet I know that we have […]

Next Stop!

2 plane trips down, 2 more plane trips to go until we arrive in Hannover! Today we flew to Milwaukee, WI- the second of five stop-over locations we will visit before we head out for Germany. Getting a little closer every day…