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The doctor is in…

I did a happy dance in the middle of the Rewe shopping aisle the moment I discovered a few cans peaking out from a lower shelf, begging me to bring them home. I grabbed three cans and hurried to the check out counter so quickly it was like I was a spy on a mission, […]

Bringing back the fluff…

We were doomed. We had finally secured an apartment in Hannover and then we realized- there were no dryer hook-ups in our new abode. To us, this meant no more hot towels, no more quick loads of laundry. Germany had taken over every aspect of our household life, including routine chores. After the initial disappointment […]

{Her} Quilt

I sewed the final stitches this week. And now it just sit there, waiting for her to arrive. The first quilt or large sewing project of any type I’ve ever attempted, it’s perfect in absolutely no way at all. But like it’s creator, who is also full of flaws and imperfections, it is filled with […]

Yours are softer, mine are thicker…

Here’s a random fact for all of you lovers of minor cultural differences: Tissues in Germany are generally 3-ply, whereas those found in the States are generally 2-ply. Even truer a fact is that tissues in the US are just softer in general than those you get in Europe. Sure, sure, there are exceptions to […]

Lunch with Will and Kate.

This afternoon I had a date with my Television Set. Always one to swoon over the thought of royalty, I’m the girl who giggles and smiles at a good princess movie. I realized that some of you may be rolling your eyes right now, and that you may not care at all about the marriage […]

Crunch… {smile}.

A smile can be found in the most random of places. Today I’m smiling over the tortilla chips that my wonderful husband brought home from a recent work trip in the US. (He even hand-carried them on the plane in order to ensure their safety!) My voice gets higher and my feet begin to tap […]

Die Sonne scheint!

Sunshine- I love you. I was a little worried that I’d never seen you again, but you have pushed through the gray and dreary winter and have finally returned to me. I can’t wait to share my days with you. We’re going to have so much fun together. Welcome back old friend, you’ve been missed!

{the unexpected show-stopper}

When people come over to our apartment for the first time, after they react to our bright orange painted hallway, they seem to always be drawn to one particular thing. During a holiday party I once caught 3 teenage boys standing in the entrance of our bedroom, staring at it, their bodies as frozen as […]

Going Green.

I’ve always loved taking baths. There just is something about soaking in a hot tub of water and bubbles, watching my feet turn into prunes, that melts my stress away and puts me in a better mood. The Germans are serious bathers. Aisle upon aisle of supermarket and drug stores are dedicated here to bathing […]

What a difference down makes.

My hubby has recently returned from a work trip back to the States (Yippee!)- and, as if that wasn’t exciting enough- he came bearing gifts! The American goods and food supplies were greeted with excitement, but the best gifts of all were my new winter coat and boots. I’ve traded in the sky blue Columbia […]