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The results are in…

Remember back when I started learning German, confused myself with a plant, or had to have a DTR with the German language? Oh yes, my just-over-one-year-journey of tackling the Germany language has been an adventure! I eventually made the GOAL of passing the B1 German language test. Well, after taking the test in mid-April and […]

German class, you are my nemesis.

Dear German language, We need to have a DTR. I used to have high hopes for our relationship. We did well in the beginning. There was give and take each time we were together. You would come up with fun games that challenged my mind and encouraged me to keep learning, and I would return […]

I stole a car today.

Three months ago today I stepped off a plane from the USA and found myself living in Hannover. In order to recap this past month (you can read a recap of our first two months here), I’m going to borrow a little “game” from my childhood. Quite often when I was little, usually over dinner, […]

Life is full of waiting. From waiting in line at the grocery store to waiting for a special delivery to come in the mail, to waiting in anticipation for our next vacation, we are constantly waiting for something. My dad likes to say it’s all “Wait-dot-com”. We in the blue cakes household have been doing […]

A {taste} of Hannover…

First of all- a big thank you to all of you who reached out to encourage me after I shared some of my recent struggles. Your comments, emails and gestures really touched my heart. It is a huge help and comfort to know I have friends and family who are rooting for me! … A […]

Ich bin eine Pflanze, or “I am a plant”

Our German is coming along! We’ve had a total of four lessons at this point and we are really cranking away at it. Our evenings are now spent learning verbs or quizzing each other on vocabulary; and, a good portion of our apartment is now labeled with German words. It’s funny how much more you […]

Das Alphabet

We want to get a head start on our German before we move, so we recently signed up for 10 weeks of private German tutoring (2 lessons per week for 20 lessons total). Today we had our first lesson! As neither of us speak any German at all right now we are starting at the […]