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Traveling Internationally with a Toddler, Part Four: Dealing with Toddler Jet-lag

If you are traveling internationally you will most likely encounter some sort of jet lag. And if you’re making that trip with a toddler- life just got a whole lot more exciting! Here’s the truth: Dealing with a jet-lagged toddler is never easy.  There is no magic solution, no way to fully prepare your little […]

Attention IKEA Shoppers….

Attention IKEA shoppers…. Keep your eyes open for a 23-pound miniature shopper sporting a pink bow and overalls. She’s serious, she’s fast and she’s on a mission! The Little Miss of BlueCakesBlog is on the loose! Considering the amount of time (and sometimes agony!) we have spent with IKEA since we first arrived in Hannover- […]

Tips for Traveling Internationally with a Toddler, Part One: Plan Ahead

Having just returned from a 7-week international trip with our one-year old, (which consisted of 6 flights -over 24 hours of flying time-, 2 countries, 4 US States, 3 Homes and 1 Hotel ), I feel it is appropriate to pass along some of the things I have learned about traveling internationally with a toddler. […]

Homemade Goldfish Crackers.

My precious little one year old found her first addiction while we were in the US: goldfish crackers.  They are hands down her new favorite snack. Not only does she love the taste of the little fish, she also loves playing with them, pretending each and every one is swimming in the sea before she […]

Random Fact: That by the same name is not the same.

In preparation for our grand trip back to the good ol’ US of A I did a bit of online shopping. Ok, maybe I did more than a little. Ok, alright I bombarded my in-laws with boxes upon boxes from all the internet orders of personal goodies I shipped to their home in Wisconsin. But […]

Having a Baby in Germany, Part 6: Why can’t we all just get along? (aka Strollers and Carseats)

A stroller is a stroller, right? Wrong! Ask most new mothers and they will probably agree that there is a big difference in stroller quality when you compare and contrast various models. Oh sure, it’s not life or death and yes, of course it’s low on the list when you put everything in life in […]

Having a Baby in Germany, Part 5: Living on the edge of the law

  The local authorities in Hannover are coming to get us. The Youth Welfare office in particular. They’re fired up and we are in trouble. We’ve decided to go into hiding, changing our names, appearances and accents in order to lay low a little longer so they don’t take our baby from us. The fact […]

Having a Baby in Germany, Part Four: The little lady gets a land

One of the questions we get asked the most about having a baby in German is related to our daughter’s citizenship- is she a US citizen? German? Both? Most assume that our little one was eligible for German or dual citizenship just because she was born here, but that is not the case! Germany does […]

Having a Baby in Germany, Part Three: Come one, Come all…

One thing that new parents learn shortly after they bring home their newborn bundle of joy is that leaving the house suddenly takes A LOT longer than it did before. Forget rushing out the door at the last minute and still making that movie, church service, or appointment. There is just no way that is […]

Having a Baby in Germany, Part Two: Midwives and Doctors Appointments

Children in Germany generally have nine check-ups with a doctor- the first taking place immediately after birth, the last one happening around the time they are 5 years old. In addition, there is also an adolescence check-up when they are 12 or 13 years old. These appointments, or Vorsorgeuntersuchungen, are commonly referred to as U1, […]