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A Pregnant American in Germany

I’ve decided to write a series of posts about my experiences being American, pregnant, and living in Germany. In these posts I will highlight some of the differences, challenges and joys I’m uncovering on this new adventure. I plan to be real, tell it like it is, and share my own personal thoughts and feelings […]

Answers to a few questions many seem to have, but few actually ask…

But first I have to say… Happy Birthday to our boy Maxwell, who turns 5 today! We are so blessed to have this little furry guy as a part of our family. We love you Max! Since the time that Drew and I started announcing our big news, there has been a slew of questions […]

One Word. A Big Announcement. A whole new adventure.

We learn new words in German so frequently that diving into our dictionary or traveling over to google translate has practically become second nature to us. We normally think nothing of it, filing the words into brain space, marking the files as flagged and hoping that we will remember where we put them when we […]