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Having a Baby in Germany, Part Two: Midwives and Doctors Appointments

Children in Germany generally have nine check-ups with a doctor- the first taking place immediately after birth, the last one happening around the time they are 5 years old. In addition, there is also an adolescence check-up when they are 12 or 13 years old. These appointments, or Vorsorgeuntersuchungen, are commonly referred to as U1, […]

Thoughts on Giving Birth in Germany

I’m back! And proud to have added a new title to my identity: Blue Cakes Blogger: wife, blogger… and mother. And, although I’m exhausted, have no idea what day it is, and still feeling like I’m a machine working on autopilot (change diaper, nurse, burp, change diaper, play, rock to sleep, repeat), I can say […]

A Pregnant American in Germany, Part 7: More Differences.

As our little one’s due date approaches quickly, I thought I’d take a moment to address a few of the other differences between the US and Germany that we have discovered in preparing to welcome our little girl… In the Nursery / Baby Gear: -Changing tables in Europe are square, as opposed to the rectangle […]

Blogger vs. Pinecone… who will be first?

Drew brought home a surprise from the grocery store last week. Little did he know that, after I translated the directions on his surprise, it would provoke… a competition! The contenders:   We purchased the pinecone a week ago so at this point it should only have 5 weeks left before its little ones arrive. […]

{Her} Quilt

I sewed the final stitches this week. And now it just sit there, waiting for her to arrive. The first quilt or large sewing project of any type I’ve ever attempted, it’s perfect in absolutely no way at all. But like it’s creator, who is also full of flaws and imperfections, it is filled with […]

A Pregnant American in Germany, part 6: Attitudes towards Pregnant Women

Last week, Drew and I traveled to Beijing, China. At 7 and a half months pregnant, there was no hiding the fact that I was expecting.  As I walked down the aisle of the plane to my seat I could see people starring at my belly, probably thinking to themselves, “oh no- please don’t have […]

A Pregnant American in Germany, part 5: Hospital Differences

My recent and unexpected hospital stay presented itself as a definite learning experience into the many cultural differences between German and American hospitals. Here are a few of the main differences I noticed: -I’ll now state the obvious: as this was a German hospital, everything was done in German. That said, I was actually fortunate […]

A Pregnant American in Germany, part 4: An Unexpected Hospital Stay.

There’s something about pregnancy that seems to suddenly make all of the joys and woes of expat life clearer than they’ve ever been before. Positive attributes of the host country and culture are highlighted in ways never before experienced, and the less positive cultural differences and language barrier issues are brought to center stage, no […]

A Pregnant American In Germany, part 3: The Mutterpass

Between its pages it held the secret that no one else other than Drew and I knew for the first several weeks. Even when there was no visible proof of pregnancy quite yet it was there to confirm that I had indeed joined a special society of sorts, a society comprised of expectant mothers. When […]

A Pregnant American in Germany, part 2: The Doctor

Soon after getting over the initial shock and roller coaster of emotions connected with finding out we were in fact expecting we were faced with a new challenge: to find an OBGYN, or Frauenarzt as they are called in German. There are plenty of doctor’s to choose from in Hannover- but how do you choose? […]