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Homemade Goldfish Crackers.

My precious little one year old found her first addiction while we were in the US: goldfish crackers.  They are hands down her new favorite snack. Not only does she love the taste of the little fish, she also loves playing with them, pretending each and every one is swimming in the sea before she […]

The {9th} Blue Cake…

On May 29th, Drew and I celebrated 8 years of marriage; and, despite the craziness  a new baby brings, we kept the Blue Cake Tradition alive. This year’s cake was a bunt:

Crunch… {smile}.

A smile can be found in the most random of places. Today I’m smiling over the tortilla chips that my wonderful husband brought home from a recent work trip in the US. (He even hand-carried them on the plane in order to ensure their safety!) My voice gets higher and my feet begin to tap […]

Expat Guide to German Grocery Stores- 7 Things you may or may not have known about going grocery shopping in Germany.

1). Bring coins / Pay for your cart. If you want to use a shopping cart, prepare to leave a 50 cent to one Euro deposit (inside the machine itself) in order to detach the cart from the others. You will get your money back when you return it. 2). Weigh your own fruit. This […]

Drinking like a German.

There’s nothing like the crisp bite of a cold beverage to quench your thirst. Give me a Diet Pepsi in a glass with a slice of lime and a straw any day and I will be in utter bliss. Add a slice of cucumber to my water and I’m mentally half way to the spa. […]

Passport to adventure.

Ask any of my friends back home and they will confirm that when it comes to finances, I’m a little crazy. Crazy because financial planning absolutely makes my day. Sitting down with my Quicken files and preparing a fresh new budget, or analyzing our spending habits provides me with a surge of adrenaline like no […]

Gutten Appetit!

Nothing warms up a home faster than filling it with friends. We had our first dinner party in our new apartment this this past Friday. My friend Lilli, who I know from acting classes back in Los Angeles, just happens to have a family home right outside of Hannover. She spends about a month here […]

There’s Chocolate in My Cereal!

In the US, we add so much raw sugar to our cereal that our teeth begin to rot before we even take the first bite. Dentists cringe when they walk the aisles of our supermarkets. “Breakfast” we label it, even though we all really know that it’s just an excuse to eat more dessert. The […]


People laughing, children smiling, dogs wagging their tails. Fake cows for children to “milk”. Live entertainment shows. Tents set up for as far as you can see and filled with brats, beer, fried-food, and music. Sound a bit like the state fair? That’s what we thought! This past weekend we went to Mascheefest. It’s a […]