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Lüftung: freezing crazy Americans like me, one at a time.

Every day in German class we take a 15 minute “Pause” in order to have a snack, use the restroom, stretch our legs, etc. It’s a nice break from the four-hour class. Unfortunately for me, breaks have become associate with something not so nice: freezing. If I don’t leave the classroom I regularly find myself […]

Expat Guide to German Grocery Stores- 7 Things you may or may not have known about going grocery shopping in Germany.

1). Bring coins / Pay for your cart. If you want to use a shopping cart, prepare to leave a 50 cent to one Euro deposit (inside the machine itself) in order to detach the cart from the others. You will get your money back when you return it. 2). Weigh your own fruit. This […]

{the unexpected show-stopper}

When people come over to our apartment for the first time, after they react to our bright orange painted hallway, they seem to always be drawn to one particular thing. During a holiday party I once caught 3 teenage boys standing in the entrance of our bedroom, staring at it, their bodies as frozen as […]

Going Green.

I’ve always loved taking baths. There just is something about soaking in a hot tub of water and bubbles, watching my feet turn into prunes, that melts my stress away and puts me in a better mood. The Germans are serious bathers. Aisle upon aisle of supermarket and drug stores are dedicated here to bathing […]

Drinking like a German.

There’s nothing like the crisp bite of a cold beverage to quench your thirst. Give me a Diet Pepsi in a glass with a slice of lime and a straw any day and I will be in utter bliss. Add a slice of cucumber to my water and I’m mentally half way to the spa. […]

Passport to adventure.

Ask any of my friends back home and they will confirm that when it comes to finances, I’m a little crazy. Crazy because financial planning absolutely makes my day. Sitting down with my Quicken files and preparing a fresh new budget, or analyzing our spending habits provides me with a surge of adrenaline like no […]

Staying Warm

Only 5 more days until Christmas! Are you getting in the holiday spirit? With a Christmas market spread out all over the city, and a think blanket of snow on the ground, it’s easy to get in the holiday spirit in Hannover. We are currently entertaining my Dad and his fiancee in the Blue Cakes […]

What’s behind door number…. ?

Advent Calendars and gifts are big in Germany. They come in all sorts of various shapes and sizes ranging from the simple paper version to elaborate banners and boxes filled with gifts for each day leading up to Christmas. I know some children in a German family I am friends with who have little red […]

I want one.

I recently discovered a pretty awesome little invention called the Laufrad. As an American I had never even heard of anything like this until I moved to Germany. Laufrads are everywhere in Germany. So what is a “Laufrad” actually? Look at the picture above. This is a Laufrad. At first glimpse it looks like any […]

The wait is {FINALLY!} over.

It’s a good day in the Blue Cakes Household. Our never-ending quest to have internet at home in Germany is finally over. Almost 4 months from the day we signed our first internet contract in our new place of dwelling, we are now free to surf as we please from the comfort of our apartment. […]