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German Apartments = Good Preparation for Home Ownership

Unlike in the US, when you rent an apartment in Germany you are responsible to see to the majority of apartment repairs. -Sink broken? -Toilet Leaking? -Drain in Tub backed up? -Ceiling lights burnt out? -Water Heater in need of yearly service check? -Windows in need of better winter insulation? The response to all of […]

Random Fact: That by the same name is not the same.

In preparation for our grand trip back to the good ol’ US of A I did a bit of online shopping. Ok, maybe I did more than a little. Ok, alright I bombarded my in-laws with boxes upon boxes from all the internet orders of personal goodies I shipped to their home in Wisconsin. But […]

Having a Baby in Germany, Part 6: Why can’t we all just get along? (aka Strollers and Carseats)

A stroller is a stroller, right? Wrong! Ask most new mothers and they will probably agree that there is a big difference in stroller quality when you compare and contrast various models. Oh sure, it’s not life or death and yes, of course it’s low on the list when you put everything in life in […]

Having a Baby in Germany, Part Four: The little lady gets a land

One of the questions we get asked the most about having a baby in German is related to our daughter’s citizenship- is she a US citizen? German? Both? Most assume that our little one was eligible for German or dual citizenship just because she was born here, but that is not the case! Germany does […]

A Pregnant American in Germany, part 6: Attitudes towards Pregnant Women

Last week, Drew and I traveled to Beijing, China. At 7 and a half months pregnant, there was no hiding the fact that I was expecting.  As I walked down the aisle of the plane to my seat I could see people starring at my belly, probably thinking to themselves, “oh no- please don’t have […]

Yours are softer, mine are thicker…

Here’s a random fact for all of you lovers of minor cultural differences: Tissues in Germany are generally 3-ply, whereas those found in the States are generally 2-ply. Even truer a fact is that tissues in the US are just softer in general than those you get in Europe. Sure, sure, there are exceptions to […]

A Pregnant American in Germany, part 5: Hospital Differences

My recent and unexpected hospital stay presented itself as a definite learning experience into the many cultural differences between German and American hospitals. Here are a few of the main differences I noticed: -I’ll now state the obvious: as this was a German hospital, everything was done in German. That said, I was actually fortunate […]

A German Tradition: Guest Slippers

It’s customary when you go over to someone’s house in Germany to remove your shoes at the door. Being the neat freak that I am, I LOVE this tradition, and in the mess of winter with all the snow and slush, I think it’s particularly wonderful. Simply put, outdoor and dirty shoes just don’t belong […]

Expat guide to Restaurants in Germany: 9 Tips every American should know before dining out in Deutschland.

1.) Make a reservation! Thinking about wandering the streets on a Friday or Saturday night in order to find somewhere to eat? Unless you are ok with takeout, think again. One thing we have learned since moving to Hannover is how important it is to have a reservation. Most restaurants are filled to capacity on […]

Round Two: Blue Hair and Mohawks.

It was time for round two. 15 weeks had past since the last round, which meant that I was overdo once again. I managed to stall for the last two weeks, finding reasonable excuses as to why I didn’t have time that particular day, or why it was ok to keep pushing it off, but […]