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Apartment Tour {finally!}

It’s hard to believe that, as of just a couple of weeks ago, Drew and I have been living in Germany for 2 years! The time has gone by quickly at times and has seemed to go on forever at others. Two years ago we moved into an apartment with no kitchen, no light fixtures, […]

Crunch… {smile}.

A smile can be found in the most random of places. Today I’m smiling over the tortilla chips that my wonderful husband brought home from a recent work trip in the US. (He even hand-carried them on the plane in order to ensure their safety!) My voice gets higher and my feet begin to tap […]

Squealing like a pig.

There is nothing better than getting home after a long and somewhat boring day of German class and discovering a surprise package waiting for me. Such was my luck this afternoon. I unlocked the front door, walked up the four steps to our mailbox area, and there it was.  Predominantly displayed on the ledge above […]

the dance of change.

I received a package from my Mother in the mail today. In it was a short little book entitled “…and she sparkled”. The book is written by Joan Steffend and tells the beautiful story of a women who learns to see the joy in life and embrace her own uniqueness, even if it causes her […]


There is a certain black cat that keeps following us around. He appears out of the corner of our eye while we are in the kitchen and he almost always looks the same. We’ve grow accustom to his presence and have begun to enjoy his company. He has this way about him, unlike any other […]

Keeping up with Tradition…

Happy New Year! Living in Pasadena, CA for the last five years has forever changed the way we see New Year’s Day. The Day has extra special meaning to us in the BlueCakes Household- something that can be summed up in one word: ROSES! The Tournament of Roses: Bandfest, The Rose Parade and the Rose […]

A bit of So Cal in Hannover…

I ran into a familiar face this past week while exploring Hannover a little… Yes! That’s correct- There is a Big Boy Statue in the middle of Hannover Germany! It makes it’s home outside of a retail clothing store in the center of the city. Although it isn’t attached to a restaurant selling burgers and […]

The Hotel is {Open}…

Linens were cleaned, floors were mopped and space in drawers were cleared in anticipation of the big event.  Yes, the Blue Cakes Hotel has greeted its first overnight guests. Foreign toothbrushes are now finding their temporary home in our bathroom and a few remaining slices from a loaf of homemade banana bread, which traveled all […]

Moo Cow Needs a Name

If you climb up the 84 steps you must battle before reaching our apartment you will find a cheerful greeter at the door welcoming you. We found this little cow doormat at our hardware store and had to have it. It reminds of of both California and Wisconsin and adds a little color to our […]

We are *those* people

Did you ever have friends during your childhood who were from another country? You know the ones. You’d be invited over to their house to play and from the moment you walked through the front door you would be in a different world. Perhaps you were struck by the smell of foreign cuisine lingering in […]